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What Methods I follow?
Method #1: Strong User Name and Password:
I always use strong User Name and Password which contain combination of ‘Characters’, Numerical Values’ and ‘Special’ Characters. However in ‘User Name’ we can’t use ‘special characters’. I strongly recommend using strong User name and Password just to make sure that it can’t be guessed by anyone. Even I don’t remember my User Name and Password and use my diary to log in every time where I have written all details.
Method #2: I Hide Wp-Admin URL Using Lockdown WP Admin Plugin:
Another method I use to protect my WordPress blog is to use Lockdown WP master vpn ios plugin to hide my wp-admin url. As we have a by default log in url to get access to our admin area in WordPress and hiding it will be a great way to enhance security measures to WordPress Blog.
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Method #3: I Create Difficult MySql Database, User Name and Password:
When we create and install our WordPress blog via Softaculous which is the easiest way to install WordPress Blog in 5 Minutes, we are lack of creating strong database user name and password. WordPress is a CMS platform which runs on Php and MySql. MySql is a database where our data is stored of our blog. I always prefer using Cpanel Manual method to install WordPress Blog which is also easiest way to do so. You can also read my complete guide as how to manually install WordPress Blog.
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Method #4: I Use Bulletproof Security Plugin to Super Secure My WordPress Blog:
BulletProof Security plugin provides you a well class security for WordPress Blog. WordPress is already very secured platform, but hackers are hacker and they can do anything they want. So, a bit more safety measures can help out more to secure blogs. Hackers use XSS, RFI, CRLF, CSRF, Base64, Code Injection and Sql Injection Technique (Read More) to hack Websites. Bulletproof Security plugin provides more security to your WordPress site from such attacks. Below I have shown how to install Bulletproof Security and configure it.