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The first is the reduction of experience points

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Games that can be played for free are not really free. Basically game developers (Bioware) pay you to play with paid clients. Your reward is playtime in the form of some restricted free accounts. So you are working for a developer and you are creating a server full of vibrant and vibrant players. This guide will help you reach 50/55/65 in the most enjoyable way while maximizing these limits and maximizing your time and resources. I hate wasting time, so this is the best strategy I have come up with: This guide focuses on the status of preferred accounts. please, do not worry. It also describes how to get it. You can view here to get more information.

What to expect
There are two restrictions that are worth mentioning as a player with Free to Play or Preferred status. The first is the reduction of experience points from level 20. However, it is only a matter of time, since each planet has a lot of content to pass to the level. The second is the increase when buying from suppliers. Again, don't worry. We do not buy in bulk from suppliers. The drops and rewards are enough to keep you on your quest. At the maximum level, the global trading market will be your friend.

Intro link to SWTOR
Star Wars: If you're new to the Old Republic or just returned to the game from your vacation, get a referral link. The referral link allows a 7-day subscription, multiple unlocks per character, and a free transfer to the server. If you decide to subscribe during the referral link, 7 days will be added to your subscription time. This is a great way to start the SWTOR experience. If you plan to play for free, you can start this recommendation at level 20 when your experience points start to decrease.

Reference link (valid until July 28, 2016)

Full Disclosure: Referral Link Owners can earn 600 Billboard Coins by signing up, but Referral Packs are worth over 2,000 Billboard Coins!

Star Wars: Old Republic Security Key
Attaching a security key is the first step. You can earn 100 Billboard Coins per month by attaching a security key to your account. You can get the security key by downloading the application from Google Play or App Store. Only subscribers can use the security key application. If you cancel the registration, you can continue using the app unless you delete it. The physical security key is no longer available. You don't need a security key, but it helps speed up. You can follow this guide, but at some point you will need to buy Sign Coins from the store for at least $ 4.99. Don't worry for now. You can postpone your purchase later.

You cannot use the security key provider's fleet pass with a free or preferred account. Don't buy them.

Play games
If you play at levels 1 to 20, you will not notice any restrictions during the mission. Experiment with different classes to see what you like. At level 20, you should have a good understanding of what the class is like. When you turn 20, it's no big deal to start over. It is a small investment at this point and it is more important to play in your favorite class. Find a class that you enjoy so that you can follow and enjoy it.

Get prepared
You cannot equip artifacts until level 51 unless you purchase an unlock from a poster coin or from the Galactic Trade Market. This is good. No artifact kit required. Sell ‚Äč‚Äčthem at vendors or galaxy trading markets. Just increase your credit!

Choice of profession
Without a subscription, you can only get one profession. You can get two priority statements. This is not a problem. You can buy additional occupational unlocks from the Galactic Trade Market, but you don't want to buy them until you hit 60. Acquiring three professions consumes more credits than it would create during leveling. This will prevent you from acquiring the skill at the level it was available at. Thanks to the Galactic Fortress and the Shadow of Levan Expansion, now is a great time to go on gathering missions with any gathering skill.