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How to Practice Paraphrasing a Text

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Practice makes perfect, and by the end of last century, most writers and thinkers had already tried to write down a few sentences from a chosen book. It’s not that they understood it, but it was so hard for them to read and understand it.

So what technique did one use to become a good writer and more proficient in writing? Those who want to be great writers always recommend to others, that is-to-do-the-only-one-learned-every-time-you-find-this-book-by-old-skill. But these are not all the tips, and nobody knows exactly where and to begin really practicing We are going to give a short sketch of the steps you need to follow, for instance, being committed to just doing a little research on the given subject.


Then, after that, jump onto the next step and do it better and faster, getting not only the basics of it, but also communication and critical thinking skills, before you even start to think of it. Try to show the highlights of yourself as a student and maybe somebody that might be interested in that. Someone that would like to ask questions in person, and someone whose life is more than that, so if that's you, well, let’s get to it.

The basic thing that you Need to improve on is to never copy anyone else’s work, anything. If it doesn’t interest you, it will not help. Therefore, take time and apply the the correct methods on those whom you admire and find out, why they choose that particular approach and how it works. Compared to other approaching strategies, this is the best because it will leave you with a large scope to grow and incorporate into your art.

Do it slow then beat that deadline and manage to do it a couple of times in a day, and sometimes as a weeks, by the time you reach your set goal, you will have grown to hate it almost beyond repair. The worst enemy is usually repetition. Nowadays, a human is too busy. Not many people have enough Time to spare each day to learn from their mistakes and progress in meaningful ways. This is why constant practice and understanding will enable you to Beat that deadlines and still do it nicely, without geographical differences.

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