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A partial rubber seal, called a spray shield, is usually placed on top of the processing unit to prevent food debris from flying back out of the crushing chamber. Can also be used to reduce noise in the grinding chamber for smoother operation.

There are two main types of waste processing: continuous feeding and group feeding. The continuous feed pattern is used after the start of waste transportation and occurs more often. The group feeder is used to add waste to the unit before you start. Devices of this type start by placing a specially created cover through the opening garbage disposal.

Some covers work with a mechanical switch, while others allow the magnets on the covers to work with the magnets on the device. A small hole in the cover allows water to pass through. The Batch Advance model is considered safer because it covers the upper part of the waste and prevents the entry of foreign substances during use.

The waste treatment unit can be locked, but can normally be removed by pushing the turntable upwards or by turning the engine with a magic wrench inserted from below into the motor shaft. Particularly solid items, for example, presented unintentionally or intentionally. For example, metal cutlery can damage and even damage a waste disposal unit.

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