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Are you getting married this season? Decorating ideas with fall style

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Surrounded by foliage, warm light, and a hint of nostalgia, fall is perfect for weddings because of its ideal climate, tranquil atmosphere, and the beautiful earthly colors that predominate. If your wedding date is approaching and you have not yet chosen what style it will have, take into account these tips and print the essence of this season on the most important day of your life:

Woods and leaves

Natural textures are ideal to adopt this style and balance the decoration with the outside environment. In this season, opt for wooded landscapes as a location for your wedding or if you prefer a function room , replicate nature including wooden elements and foliage in centerpieces and party furniture.

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If you plan a very intimate and classic event, the warmth of autumn can be enhanced with candles and white lights that illuminate your night with a very romantic touch.


Roses, peonies or orchids in orange and cherry tones will contrast with your white dress in a bouquet of natural flowers in warm and vivid colors. Also, if you want to innovate, you can add fruits and chestnuts to give it a rustic style.

The invitations

Choose elegant designs with gold leaf and flower prints, or go for a simpler idea with brown paper and beige or copper ribbons .


For your bridesmaids, forget about glitter and satin finishes and choose dresses in shades of purple or wine in soft fabrics that harmonize with the aesthetics of the party. Also, you can choose a simple accessory like a wreath of flowers and green foliage that will match perfectly.shutterstock_225425344

Vintage ornaments

This style is perfect with the essence of the old, so you can include some antiques and sculptures to adorn the place like chandeliers and picture frames with photos of you and your partner.


The decoration of the cake also has to be in harmony with the atmosphere. There are beautiful designs with red berries and fondant decorations , although the most current trend is nude cakes , which are not covered and highlight the brown tone of the bread. This design looks very elegant and can include edible flowers.

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