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Play Pearls Games And Where You Can Play Them

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PlayPearls is a representative of the "new school" of developers. With a collection of more than 60 games, it has successfully debuted in many online casinos and has already managed to gain the attention of an army of fans in a relatively short period of time.


Developer PlayPearls began its journey in 2012. Located in the small island state of Malta, this company took advantage of local laws that encourage gambling, but instead of opening another casino, it decided to go ahead and become a supplier of slots and other machines to existing institutions.


The PlayPearls provider is a fairly young developer, which means that he did not have to think long about what technologies should be used to develop his games. At the heart of each machine from this company is HTML5 - a modern platform that works equally well on traditional computers and laptops, as well as on modern mobile devices - tablets, smartphones or even TVs.

In 2018, this company had more than 6 games in its portfolio, which can be divided into the following categories:


The most popular and numerous category, which is popular with most gamblers who value the result;

Live games

You can easily find Play Pearls games in a live setting and all you gave to do is click to play casino live dealer games which have recently been actively gaining ground from traditional virtual board games. They not only allow you to refresh your usual games but also bring your experience to the real casino as close as possible (including aspects such as physical laws), which is especially appreciated among roulette fans;


Various games focused on buying tickets and instant winnings fall into this category. As a rule, most of them are “erase and win” variations;

Card games

The least numerous category of games from this developer, however, should not be ignored.

PlayPearls slots are high on many ratings. This is partly due to the fact that the game process itself is quite interesting, does not require long development, and the range of slots covers all types of risks - from low to high, which allows attracting gamblers with any financial capabilities.

The developer carefully monitors the wishes and needs of the players, trying to create new games even for relatively small groups. Thanks to this attitude towards work, developers come to innovative solutions that can surprise even experienced gamblers. This takes into account the interests of both supporters of the classical approach to gambling and those who seek to experience something new that was not available in the age of analog machines.

Popular Slots

So that you yourself can understand where to start familiarizing yourself with the products of this company, the following is a small overview of the slot machines from PlayPearls, in which three of the most popular slots will be considered:

  • 28 Spins Later;
  • Tiki Beach
  • Fruit Basket.
  • Conclusion

Summing up, we can say that the PlayPearls software is definitely a must-see for any player who spends at least one hour per week for virtual gambling. Ignoring these creations, you may miss something unusual, something that can change your perception of gambling in general and online casinos in particular.