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Park view city | Ideal Location to build your Home

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Park View City Islamabad is a private housing society and is being developed by the Vision Group. Park View City is located in Zone IV of the capital and lies in close proximity of Bahria Enclave, CDA’s Park Enclave, and Islamabad Botanical Gardens. The location of Park View City is a mere 10-15 minute drive from Islamabad’s City Center – Blue Area. Park View City Islamabad is not only a real estate investment hotspot but also a dream location to build your home in the capital. Park View City has been developed in the cradle of the Margalla hills and shares a common boundary with lush green botanical gardens. The sunset and sunrise views in Park View City are some of the most amazing in the area.


Apart from majestic and picturesque views, there is a myriad of other features that make Park View city an ideal place to build your home. Some of these features are:

  1. Gated Community – The Park View City is a fully gated community that offers state of the art facilities to the residents. Apart from being a gated community, the housing society has its own mega road network that connects it from the main Malot Road. In the future, the society is approved for a dedicated intersection on Islamabad’s Kurri Road.
  2. 24/7 Electricity, Water, and Gas – Park View City is a load-shedding free zone. This means that the society has its own power plants and a full-fledged underground electricity supply system that ensures safe and continuous provision for twenty-four hours. Also, there is a comprehensive network of underground gas and water pipelines in the housing society that ensure the provision of these utilities round the clock.
  3. Mosques and Park – Every residential sector of Park View City Islamabad has its own mosques and parks. The mosques and parks are located at convenient locations throughout the residential and commercial areas to ensure ease of access to the residents of Park View City Islamabad.
  4. Park View City Islamabad Location - Park View City enjoys a lavish location in the heart of Islamabad’s majestic Margalla hills. The housing society is located in Zone IV of Islamabad and is situated at the edge of Islamabad’s Botanical Gardens. The housing society’s main access road is Malot Road and is also connected to Islamabad and Rawalpindi via various roads. The housing society lies in close proximity to Bahria Enclave and CDA’s Park Enclave. The location of Park View City is suburban and offers direct access to Islamabad’s city center. In the future, the housing society is set to have direct access from Islamabad’s Kurri road via a 100 Ft road. All approvals have been obtained for the construction of connecting road between Kurri Road and Park View City Islamabad.
  5. Park View City Islamabad NOC from CDA - Park View City Islamabad has NOC from Capital Development Authority Islamabad (CDA). The commissioning of NOC means that society is legal and will be provided with all civic amenities such as water, gas, electricity, and public transport. The NOC from CDA is also a positive trust factor for real estate investors. The investors of Park View City Islamabad are sure that their investments are in safe hands. The developers of Park View City Islamabad enjoys a great reputation in the real estate and construction sector of Pakistan. Apart from Park View City, the developers have a track record of developing and delivering housing societies as well as various other urban projects.
  6. Park View City Islamabad Masterplan - The Park View City Islamabad is a housing society where development in some blocks is already completed. Sector A, B, C, D, E, F, H, and J sectors are the ones where possession is available for future homeowners.
  7. Development of International Standards - Park View City Islamabad is being developed on international standards. The society features a 200 Ft main boulevard and is a total gated community. The society has
    1. Completely Underground Electricity and Water Connections
    2. Comprehensive roads network within the society
    3. 24/7 security surveillance
    4. 24/7 provisioning of Electricity, Water and Gas
    5. Dedicated commercial areas
    6. Dedicated parks
    7. Dedicated worship areas etc.
  8. Plot sizes in Park View City - For the time being, residential and commercial plots are available in Park View City on easy installment. The residential plots are available in the following sizes:
    1. 5 Marla
    2. 5 Marla
    3. 8 Marla
    4. 10 Marla
    5. 1 Kanal
    6. 2 Kanal
  9. Park View City Payment Plan - The booking of these plots is available in as low as a 20% down payment with the rest of the payments distributed in quarterly and monthly installments. The plots in possession-able areas of Park View City Islamabad are available on full payment in resale.


The Park View City Islamabad is one of the most affordable housing society in the capital. The residential plots start from as low as PKR 3 Million. This is the cheapest rate of plots in a CDA approved society that lies within close proximity of Islamabad’s city center. These are some of the features that make Park View City a dream destination for your new home. According to the Park View City Latest News, the housing society is set to revise the residential and commercial plot prices. The new prices will be higher than the current rates. This is why you should book your plot in Park View City soon to avail of lower prices. Deal & Deals is an authorized real estate agency of Pakistan that provides investment opportunities in Park View City Islamabad.