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How to care about dogs?

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First, let's determine why you need to buy dry food. If for regular feeding, then usual everyday food is suitable. Another thing is if your pet has health problems. For such purposes, it is necessary to use special therapeutic and prophylactic compounds. They add (or increase the content) a set of substances that must be consumed in various diseases. The packaging of such a product is marked with special marks. These feeds must be used as directed by the veterinarian, who will indicate Best Dog Food Storage Container the norms and duration of administration. Few manufacturers have medicinal feeds in their product line.

Choose everyday food 

If you believe Wikipedia, then dry food can be divided into the following classes:


- ECONOMY, which is made from cheap ingredients. It mainly consists of cereals (wheat, corn, rye, oats, etc.) and various offal. There is NO meat in this feed, but the content of carbohydrates and various hormones goes off scale. When using such food, additional use of vitamin complexes is REQUIRED.

- REGULAR. Buying this dry food, you will receive a composition with a higher than in the economy class, the content of animal proteins of not very high quality. This is achieved by the addition of various offal and meat waste. Along with this, the number of various dyes, preservatives, flavor enhancers and salt increases. The people call this dry food premium

- PREMIUM. As part of this feed, poultry, beef or lamb meat and high-quality, properly processed cereals are used. Various vitamins and minerals, fiber and animal fats are also introduced into the composition. In everyday life, these feeds are called super-premium and holistic. The composition of the latter includes only the highest quality ingredients that can be consumed even by humans.