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Biggest Stereotypes About Sweden

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Persistent stereotypes exist about almost every European country: Germans constantly drink beer, the British are stiff, and the French are frivolous. There is a specific set of ideas about Sweden and some are true (like all respected and certified online casinos in Sweden are promoted on TV)  - but more often they have nothing to do with reality. Here are a few myths about Sweden, firmly entrenched in our minds.

Carlson Living on the Roof Every Swede knows

Perhaps this is the most famous stereotype. In fact, Carlson is better known in Russia. The most popular in Sweden is Pippi Longstocking. True, the literary mother of the heroes is one - Astrid Lindgren. Pippi Tales has become Sweden's best-selling book ever. By the beginning of the 21st century, six million copies were sold. Since the country's population is 10 million, it would not be an exaggeration to say that every Swedish family has a book about the strongest girl in the world.

All Swedes Are Blue-Eyed Blondes

Like any stereotype, this is a great exaggeration. Sweden is a multinational country. There are plenty of not only brunettes or redheads but also people with different skin colors. According to statistics, 18% of the inhabitants of Swedes have foreign roots. Sweden has the most successful experience of accepting migrants in the modern world. Without migration, it would be impossible to maintain a high level of economic development for decades.

Swedish Family

Another stereotype that is synonymous with sexual licentiousness. In Swedish, there is no concept with such meaning. Where it actually came from is not known. Although sex in Sweden is by no means a taboo subject. Children are not told about searches in cabbage and storks, preferring to speak about this side of life in plain language.

The Child Can Simply Be Taken From the Family

The most common horror story about Sweden. If what happened - the child will be taken from you and sent for adoption. The truth is that Sweden has become the first country in the world to legally ban the physical punishment of children. But the myth that children are being taken away from their parents everywhere is not supported by statistics. Rather, it is an exceptional measure in an extremely unfavorable situation in the family. The state takes under its guardianship about 0.8% of children living in the country. In France, Germany, Finland, these figures are twice as high. By the way, orphanages in Sweden do not exist at all.

All Swedes Drive a Volvo

Indeed, until the mid-20th century, the Swedes massively traveled to Saab and Volvo. Since then, much has changed. Volvo is now owned by the Chinese concern Geely, and the Swedes are developing different brands. In 2016, for the first time in 50 years, the best-selling car brand was not Volvo, but German Volkswagen.

It Is Cold and Dark in Sweden

Indeed, the lowest temperatures in Europe are recorded in Sweden - and indeed, if you go beyond the Arctic Circle in January, it will be dark. But, for example, daylight hours in December are six hours, and the temperature can be with a plus sign.