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Want to Get the Most Out of Observing Proper iPhone Parts Care and Using Hints on Improving Battery Life?

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The iPhone, a smartphone from Apple Inc., boasts of many applications such as the call function, web browsing, games, video and music downloads, organizers and calendars. A user can in fact consume much more of his/her iPhone's battery life on these applications (go to source) instead of as a phone in a single day. Due to this, Apple uses a special lithium battery that is more long-lasting than other types. Below are some means of saving on replacement iPhone parts, especially the battery, by extending its life.

Minimize Light Usage

Your iPhone is equipped with a background light sensor, which allows it to automatically readjust screen brightness based on surrounding light. Save power in dark locations by turning on this feature, as your screen needs less power when in the dark. You can also decrease the default brightness setting yourself, as too much brightness only leads to unnecessary battery use.

Disable WiFi/Bluetooth/3G

Bluetooth is necessary for information transfer among iPhones without the need for an Internet connection. The phone's 3G function enhances the rate of data access and the Wi-Fi feature to internet connectivity. Beneficial as these tools are, you won't actually be utilizing them 24 hours a day. When these are switched on, you drain your battery much faster.

Don't Overcharge

Keep a close eye on your phone when charging. As much as possible, remove it from its battery charger as soon as it reaches complete capacity. Excessive power input will affect battery life, thus the unit will require more power than its basic demand. It's also a good idea to avoid utilizing the phone while it's being charged.

Limit App Usage and Regulate Downloads

Often, what drains your iPhone battery isn't interior elements, but the method you use it. Power intensive apps consist of movies, games, and extended Internet surfing. When you minimize the use of these applications, you help extend your iPhone's battery life. If you are downloading files from the web, make sure to close it when you're done.