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National Mentality Of Slovenian People

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Slovenes, as true representatives of the Slavic peoples, are friendly and open, so you can, without hesitation, turn to any passer-by for help. You will be listened to and will either be given good advice, or sent to another, more knowledgeable, passer-by, or to the police officer. For example, if you want to know more about where to find secured and licensed Slovenian online casinos like this site, you will always be prompted by a person with whom you can talk about it and find out a lot of information. 

Foreigners rarely speak Slovenian, so using the words of the local vocabulary will definitely impress - your efforts will be appreciated and rewarded with good advice. A striking feature of Slovenian culture is excessive perseverance. For them, your “No” does not mean rejection. They consider that you refuse simply out of politeness, therefore repeatedly insist on the. Try not to attach much importance to this and keep calm.

Adore Their Famous Fellow Countrymen

Slovenia is very fond of its athletes, most of whom are skiers or engage in other winter sports. Every winter, various sports competitions are held in the country, which is monitored by almost the whole country. Slovenes also support their writers, actors and scientists, read books by Slovenian authors and listen to news about the latest scientific achievements.

Slovenian Culture in Conversation

When communicating with unfamiliar people, it is better not to recall the recent “Soviet” past - as such, it was practically absent here, but it hurts the locals a lot. If the conversation still touches on this topic, do not be surprised to hear very contrasting and sharp opinions on this matter. Be wary of discussing the territorial issues of Slovenia with Croatia, as well as the topics of the 1941-1945 civil war and its consequences. It is better to taboo these controversial issues, then you will save yourself a lot of nerves. In addition, in the culture of Slovenia, it is not customary to discuss sexual minorities, which, although permitted by law, are very negatively perceived by society.

Away to Slovenes

If you are invited to a private dinner, bring a bottle of good wine with you - this will be a kind of gratitude to the owners for the provided treats. If you especially liked any of the dishes, be sure to tell about it before they ask you, especially since they will ask you for sure. Express your satisfaction - this will immediately raise your authority in the eyes of the Slovenes. This is the culture of Slovenia. Most of the local population walks around the house in slippers, so at the entrance, you will be asked to change into house shoes. Please note that shaking hands at a meeting is ubiquitous and generally accepted, but kisses and hugs are possible only between close people. If you came to visit in the evening, do not stay up late and do not try to make noise, sing loudly or turn on music - local laws prohibit having fun after 10 pm. In addition, Slovenes go to bed quite early to start their workday early.