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An Introduction to Online Bonuses

2 min read

Ever wondered how the bonuses worked when joining an online casino or gambling site? There are many different types of bonus available but they generally fall into four bonus types.

Sign up bonus: As the name suggest, this is a bonus that is paid when you sign up as a new account holder. They take the form of either matching deposit amounts or set amounts. There are generally upper limits to these bonuses but they are often very generous.

Reload bonus: This is a bonus that is paid to existing account holders and paid after depositing additional funds into their account. As with the sign up platinum play casino review bonuses, reload bonuses come in many different shapes and sizes including matching 1 for 2 and have quite generous maximums.

Referral bonus: Referral bonuses are paid when you refer a friend who opens a new account. The bonus is normally paid after the ‘friend’ has earn a set number points or played a set amount of money.

Bonus points: Many online casinos use a reward system where you earn reward point by playing. The more you play the more points you can earn. Some sites offer the bonus points site wide, others pay bonus points only on designated games or at designated times. Bonus points can often be exchanged for money (into your account) or merchandise.

Each site has their own rules determining how and when bonuses are earned and paid. They set qualification criteria to ensure the system is not being scammed.