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Silly/Useful Web Tricks

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Alan Levine (@cogdog) seems to be one of the most generous people out there in the world of digital learning. He builds sites that support all sorts of collaborations, he teaches all over the world, he's funny, and he shares so much of what he does.

This morning he tweeted a presentation he's doing today in Puerto Rico (that alone is cool, that we get to see his materials as they do).

He calls it "Silly/ Useful Web Tricks" and there are days of good exploration here.  Mostly, I see useful.  Mostly, I see that I'll be spending time exploring more of these (and some other 467 adventurers could curate specific sites he's curated here). Live earthquake tracking maps?   Transcription of audio?  Remix the gender of characters in ads to see the sexism in new light?  It's all there.

And as he is prone to do, he invites others to contribute.  The joker includes a maker challenge.  Weekly Play anyone?