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Teacher Tidbit Blog

1 min read

I came across this blog from a teacher on twitter and I thought it was a cool idea. He basically just posts all kinds of different things and thoughts he has about teaching and education. My favorite post is his new years resoulutions as a teacher, learning one new thing about a student each day, committing to change, things that make a teacher better from a live perspective of a teacher. 

Teacher Tidbits


Using Technology in Elementary Classrooms

1 min read

I've had some people asking me how I integrate blogging with such young students. I wanted to share a link to the author (and book) that helped guide me through the process of integration. Kathy Cassidy is a first grade teacher who has every student in her class blogging and tweeting. Yes, in first grade. She published a book called Connected from the Start: Global Learning in the Primary Grades. It's a quick read that talks about tools like blogging, Twitter, and Skype along with other ways to utilize technology for all age levels. 

I wanted to share a link I found to a post on her blog from when her book was first being released. This blog post has a link to the book itself if you want to read it, but it also shares her journey that brought her to writing and publishing the book. I thought it was great to read her perspective on technology in the classroom. She has even tweeted my students when we've had questions for her! I definitely think it's worth a read and I would absolutely recommend the book.



Fifth Grade Students Blogging

1 min read

Today I wanted to post about my fifth graders' journeys through blogging. I've spent the last year working on how to integrate technology and blogging into the classroom to build on the students' media literacy skills as well as their ability to interact in an online community. We've been focusing on thoughtful commenting as well as answering deeper questions about the world around them. Recently, the students and I read City of Ember and then watched the film adaptation of it. The students wrote a compare/contrast essay. However, their blog was the platform where they tried to answer the "why" questions. Why did they replace a lead female character with a male? Why did they introduce action sequences that weren't in the book at all? I'm aiming to have the blogs be an area for students to reflect on the world around them and engage in critical discussions with peers. We're still working on getting deeper than the surface level though! Here is a link to my classroom blogs so you can see what fifth grade blogging looks like!