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People objecting on twitter and other social media lead to Scholastic pulling a new children's book

1 min read

I'd started seeing comments last week about the depiction of slaves in a new children's book issued by Scholastic about slaves who cooked in George Washington's kitchen.  I just saw the announcement today that Scholastic has pulled the book.  Here's one author and teacher's account  (curating some of the Tweets in that same tool I posted below, Storify).

It's worth a skim to see how people conversed over a few days, learned from each other and disagreed with each other, and how a major publisher then responded.


 Update:  Here's a news story from NPR on the issues. 

 Update #2:  One educator writes about all she learned from Twitter in the multiple posts about this book.



How Do Elementary Classrooms Use Twitter?

1 min read

This came through my Twitter feed.

Someone I follow (An ed  professor in Canada) tweeted out a request for examples of teachers using Twitter in their K-8 classrooms.

He got lots of responses.

And he used this cool tool Storify to both curate and archive the reponses -- so that he could neatly Tweet what he'd learned back out to others.

Lots of learning, lots of sharing.