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I will highlight this more in my PechaKucha tonight but The economist has been doing a series on why Trump tweets need to stop and how they are causing effects on the actual world.


Mock Student Twitter Chats

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I found this interesting, it is using Google Classrooms to do mock twitter chats. I think this is a cool way of including students in discuussions and includes kids who don't normally feel comfortable talking. I have done one twitter chat so far and I thought it was kind of cool and fun. I think having students participate in these "twitter chats" will be fun. 



Using Technology in Elementary Classrooms

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I've had some people asking me how I integrate blogging with such young students. I wanted to share a link to the author (and book) that helped guide me through the process of integration. Kathy Cassidy is a first grade teacher who has every student in her class blogging and tweeting. Yes, in first grade. She published a book called Connected from the Start: Global Learning in the Primary Grades. It's a quick read that talks about tools like blogging, Twitter, and Skype along with other ways to utilize technology for all age levels. 

I wanted to share a link I found to a post on her blog from when her book was first being released. This blog post has a link to the book itself if you want to read it, but it also shares her journey that brought her to writing and publishing the book. I thought it was great to read her perspective on technology in the classroom. She has even tweeted my students when we've had questions for her! I definitely think it's worth a read and I would absolutely recommend the book.




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I support the use of twitter for this class and love the new things I am learning from it but I am still skeptical about people that don't use twitter respectfully.

I found a post that showcases twitter for being "unusable for anyone but trolls, robots, and dictators". A little blunt but I have definitely seen 'twitter wars' between celebrity personalities or media outlets that don't highlight twitter in the most positive way. I feel like the way we are using twitter in this class is great but I still see trending topics, ads, that I could go without seeing. And for the people that have conflicting opinions, when is it appropriate discussion vs insulting? What do you guys think? Is there a way for twitter users to be more respectful?




Twitter's Effects on College Students

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I have never enjoyed twitter and have in the past tried it but did not enjoy it. More recently and ecspecially since taking this class I have started to see that Twitter can possibly be useful and to be honest with the presidential election I have enjoyed being able to look on Twitter for information. I found an article that discusses how Twitter impacts college students. I have included the link to this artice below. It was very interesting to learn that the students that used Twitter were much more engaged in what they were learning that the students that did not use Twitter. Based on this article Twitter proves to be a valuable resourse to engage students and foster learning. 



People objecting on twitter and other social media lead to Scholastic pulling a new children's book

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I'd started seeing comments last week about the depiction of slaves in a new children's book issued by Scholastic about slaves who cooked in George Washington's kitchen.  I just saw the announcement today that Scholastic has pulled the book.  Here's one author and teacher's account  (curating some of the Tweets in that same tool I posted below, Storify).

It's worth a skim to see how people conversed over a few days, learned from each other and disagreed with each other, and how a major publisher then responded.


 Update:  Here's a news story from NPR on the issues. 

 Update #2:  One educator writes about all she learned from Twitter in the multiple posts about this book.



How Do Elementary Classrooms Use Twitter?

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This came through my Twitter feed.

Someone I follow (An ed  professor in Canada) tweeted out a request for examples of teachers using Twitter in their K-8 classrooms.

He got lots of responses.

And he used this cool tool Storify to both curate and archive the reponses -- so that he could neatly Tweet what he'd learned back out to others.

Lots of learning, lots of sharing.