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Zak has been with Bellevue College since 2004, first as a student and now he's the Student Success Specialist for the TRIO Student Support Program., @zakyousuf


Components of a quality program

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This week I decided to share an article that taught a lot about serving English language learners.  The different services they may need in order to be successful in our school systems.  Here is a brief summary of Handscombe 1989 article called; “What are Components of a Quality Program?”  The states a program that works must include the following components; an orientation program that acquaints ELLs into the school culture, expectations and requirement.  It should also include a monitoring program; this program will ensure that ELLs are not falling behind in their classes. Another component of the program should be a parental involvement program, students benefit when the whole family is involved in their learning.  A quality program needs to have language program, the language program has to be an additive approach to language, meaning students are encouraged to keep their home language while learning English.  Lastly, a quality program should include an academic upgrading program for ELLs, an academic upgrading ensures ELLs are, academic upgrading is a program that identifying areas ELLs may be exhibiting weaknesses and addressing them in an individual basis.


Can black people appropriate African culture?

1 min read

After reading about “black creation” and cultural appropriation this week; I was playing around online.  I was looking at some of the sites in our readings and also Black Twitter when I came across an article that was very interesting to me.  The title is “Black America, please stop appropriating African clothing and tribal marks”.  The article talks about the uproar by black people on “Black Twitter” and other platforms about cultural appropriation by people while at the same time appropriating African culture and fashion.  The author Zipporah Gene says “we are in an age of discourse and discussion…black people around the world can get together and discuss issues that matter to us.”  Gene definitely has an interesting take on cultural appropriation that I haven’t heard before.  However I disagree with her comparason because unlike her, I consider black Americans to be part of the African diaspora.  People who share culture, music and even fasion because our cultures have their roots in the same place, Africa.


The purpose of schools

2 min read

I rediscovered my favorite education advocate and author Sonia Nieto through our Twitter assignment.  I one of her articles What is the purpose of school (2010), great article that talks about the purpose as well as the ideals of “democracy and equality” that we (educators) should instill in our students. Nieto’s goals are that schools should provide students opportunities to learn through “equitable and high quality education” and for students to become “critical and productive members of society” (Nieto, 30).  Nieto addresses five implications that derive from her goals.  First she says, we need to view all students as capable human beings who are able to learn if provided the chance.  Second we must provide a multicultural perspective education, third student need to be prepared for a world with diversity.  Forth, students should be given the opportunity to practice democracy while in school and fifth all students deserve teachers that care for and about them.  The real or perceived barriers such as living in poverty, coming from a single mother household, being a person of color, speaking a language other than English should not separate students in to those who benefit and those who do not. Great article that I believe all educators must read. 


Teacher preparation

1 min read

I am interested in educational equity and what we as educators can do to ensure students are successful.  I am following one of my favorite authors on Twitter that's written extensively about this subject.  In her article Teacher Quality and Student Achievement: Darlin-Hammond looks at a researched done in 50states about the qualities of teacher that leads to student improvement.  According this data by School and Staffin Surveys (SASS) and the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), teacher preparation is the most important determination for school succcess.  This is an interesting article especially since a lot of research has been looking at other things like student's socio-economic background.


Ethnic Studies in American schools?

1 min read

Last week in BEDUC502 class we watched a video called Precious Knowledge that documents the debates and eventual cancelation of Ethnic Studies in the Tucson Unified School District.  On one hand teachers and activists argue that ethnic students lead to retention of students of color and the improvement of their graduation rate. On the other hand, a group of mainly republic law makers argue that the department is teaching students to hate America and to become militants.  This is a great resource for teachers, please watch. 


Are We (educators) Bias?

1 min read

Reading and commentingon Danika's post regarding the prism model (it's great you should read it) made me think of a study I came accross awhile back.  The study is done by Yale University's Child Study Center, it's called "Bias Isn't Just A Police Problem, It's a Preschool Problem".  Many of us here want to be or a educators, I think we can benefit from listening to this short NPR clip. Here it is 

Bias Isn't Just a Police Problem, It's a Preschool Problem