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Goodyear Tire Company Case Studies

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Goodyear Tire Company is an international company concerned with the development, manufacturing, distribution, and sales of tires for automobiles, commercial trucks, airplanes, heavy earthmover machinery, SUVs, and race cars. Goodyear Tire Company case studies discuss the company’s background, products, its key people, and marketing strategies.

Goodyear Tire Company case studies should begin with a brief discussion of the history of the company. 38-year-old Frank A. Seiberling founded Goodyear Tire Company in 1898. With his $3,500 investment, he was able to purchase the company’s first plant. Next, Goodyear Tire Company case studies should describe Goodyear's products such as car tires, the Goodyear Blimp, race tires, and even apparel. Goodyear Tire Company case studies should also mention the company slogan, which is “Protect our Good Name”, and the company’s subsidiaries. In addition, Goodyear Tire Company case studies should examine the leadership of the company’s key player and Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer Richard J. Kramer. The seven strategic motivators of the company should be discussed in Goodyear Tire Company case studies as well.  These include leadership, a focus on cash, lower cost structure, leverage distribution, building brand strength, product leadership, and advantaged supply chain. Finally, Goodyear Tire Company case studies should analyze the company’s present financial situation and provide a SWOT analysis of the company.

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