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Student Journalist and internet rookie



1 min read

I will highlight this more in my PechaKucha tonight but The economist has been doing a series on why Trump tweets need to stop and how they are causing effects on the actual world.


Great podcast (easy to see the internet leaking out into the world)

1 min read

An interesting way our vocubulary and political climate changes with our use of the internet, our short term attention spans all other things cyber. Trump and the Flynn resignation spread like only a viral story can, and the reactions are amazing crowd funded proto-protests. 



Something Else to Worry About Politcally

1 min read

It is not a surprise that the party of removal is is attempting to remove our freedom to race across the internet. And it begs the question, such as a free market is nowhere near perfect, is a free internet? I for one agree that a free internet is our greatest gift. 


Monetizing The Social Capital

1 min read

This is the google help page on how to advertise with Youtube. To create a proffesional broadcasting platform on the equivalent of a social media site, it will take money, but less money from one sort (in theory.) Removing sponsored content and native advertising from broadcasting by doing it on a small scale may appeal to people who think journalism happens inside the pocket of big corporations. 



Journalists Vs. EPA Gag order

1 min read

From a college student/journalist perspective, the internet's vast amounts of free information is an infinitely valuable resource. A gag order on the Enviromental Protection Agency not only affects renewable energy subsidies, but also public perspective of renewable energy. Reliable information from .gov sources used to be a stamp of credibility, I fear this may no longer be the case. This article is a plea from the New York Times, a goliath in a dying industry. A closed government is not a democratic government.


Media Representation

1 min read

As I follow media representation, mainly journalism, a great source for inside perspectives is On The Media is radio show based solely on exploring how media represents us and the nitty gritty of the business. A great recent show is on the "Myth of Poverty." It explores how we as people and the media represent those living in poverty. The things they talk about are also represented in the national debate on poverty that has been at a boil since the presidential race. Interesting stuff and any episode of the show is insightful.