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Website Evaluator Tool

1 min read

During the twitter chat this past week, one of the topics we discussed was how to teach students to shift through trending topics and quality content on social media. It's important for students to be critical and skeptical thinkers, especially when looking at online content. EasyBib is a free website credibility checker that allows you to discover whether the website you are looking at is reliable. It guides you step-by-step through 6 criterion points that will help you to determine credibility. Hope it can be a useful tool for middle and high school students!  


When Social Media Breaks Bad

1 min read

Adam is an advocate for social media despite the challenges caused trolls, bullies, and online anonymity. In his blog post he acknowledges the negative message or impact caused by social media but speaks on how the positive impacts of technology outweigh the negatives. He writes of his belief in the school's job to protect students by not only teaching them about digital citenzenship but also supporting them in how to protect themselves online. 


Technology for the Primary Classroom — Devices Optional

1 min read

An elementary teacher in Washington emphasizes that technology, while a useful tool, can never replace teachers in their work of educating and connection with students. She believes the real power lies in the way teachers utilize tools to enhance their teaching which does not require research and planning. Included in the post are some favorite websites she uses for engaging her students.