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Got short time to present?

1 min read

Before I start working on PechaKucha, I wanted to research a little bit about presentation in short time because I have never had this kind of presentation in 20 seconds! So I found this article, How to Deliver Powerful Short Presentations, and it tells you how to make your short presentation powerful. I personally think the use of strong and clear visuals rather than having text on slides is what I have been hearing from people and professors as well. It also says to have at least one rehearsal, but I think I might have to have more practice than once... So check this article if you want your pikachu to be more effective and stronger!


Black academic achievement

1 min read

One of UWB Ed study group member shared this article, The myth about smart black kids and “acting white” that won’t die. I was fully engaged when I was reading this article and thought I should share it with you guys! In this article, it discusses what it is mean to be educated and earning academic achievement to African American students in the US. The author refutes typical stereotypes against Black students and their academic interest and achievement with several studies and researches. It's really interesting article to read! 


How do we want to fight fake news

1 min read

I found this article, 5 Ways Teachers Are Fighting Fake News, from UWB education students facebook group page and thought it's an interesting article to read for educators in our class! The article talks about how students at all grade levels can't determine fake news from the real news and how many students don't have critical thinking skills to determine fake news. It gives you seven points checklist for you to ask students to tell fake news from real ones. 


Afraid of sharing your thoughts in public?

1 min read


I wanted to share this article that gives you advice if you are afraid of posting your writing in public. It would have been much better if I found this article in the beginning of the course because I do have a fear of sharing my thoughts in public. It tells you what to do and how to start writing to overcome the fear of sharing writing online: write for one person, start with a tiny audience, get over the idea of perfection, be motivated by learning, and be motivated by helping. I liked how the author said to try writing as if I’m talking directly one person rather than think about thousands of people who would read your posts. This helped me taking some parts of my anxiety about publishing my writing online. I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t like sharing writing in public! This article might help you release a little bit of your concern.


Some tips for Google

1 min read

I got to know that there was an option for an advance search on google when Caitlin visited our class. I wanted to share This image that provides further advanced tips to use google search. It explains how to eliminate some words out of search results by using a dash, how to find similar contents by typing "related:", how to find a certain type of a file by putting ":pdf", and how to search for results that include all terms you are looking for by putting OR among the words. I liked the one that I could use an asterisk to find missing words in a phrase when I don't remember a full lyric of a song. I think this could be useful tips to know to find more accurate and narrow down the result out of what you put in the search engine. That way you can save more time to pull out results that you sought for. I wish I knew all of these tricks earlier in my college life... Everyone should check this out and become a google power user!