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Top 8 Books About Poker

3 min read

Like other games, poker games require guidance from experts. It also needs one to master their skills. The following books will help you master your craft: 

  1. Application Of No-Limit- Hold’em

The author explains the fundamental tips you can implement in your game. These include the recommended bet size and theories to do with concepts. Most gamblers have a hard time balancing multiple bet ranges. In addition to the insights from, you will expand your knowledge on how to play a specific hand.

  1. Kill Everyone

Kill Everyone is the best suit for poker tournament players. It gives you the strategies to win the tournament. If you read it, you will not only learn the strategies to maintain a confident play but also gain first-hand ideas from the best poker tournament players in the world.

  1. Playing The Player

This book equips you with the skills to identify your opponent’s weakness and using it to your advantage. Additionally, it teaches you how to adapt to different styles. Above all, it helps you to make money out of the changing tendencies.

  1. Elements Of Poker

Most poker players are aware that tilt cost them their money. However, they do not know how to avoid it. Poker players also know that positioning is crucial in the game. What they do not know is to make money out of that knowledge. Read elements of poker to learn all that.

  1. The Theory Of Poker

Poker players who have read this book have benefited from it. It equips you with the benefits of proper positioning, especially in online casinos like £3 minimum deposit casino uk. Additionally, you learn other concepts that you can apply in all forms of poker games.

  1. Harrington On Hold’em

This is one of the mandatory books to read if you want to join poker games. It enlightens you about your position at the table and your opponent. Additionally, it teaches how to win maximum and how to go about unexpected scenarios in the game.

  1. Essential Poker Math

If you have played poker games, you may attest to the essentiality if math in the game. This book helps you calculate your odds and expected value. Also, it teaches you how to read implied odds and pot odds.

  1. The Mental Game Of Poker

The mental game of poker is written by one of the best life coaches. He recognizes and teaches poker players the importance of balancing poker games and other aspects of life. It also goes ahead to teach poker players how to deal with the ups and downs resulting from poker games.



Poker being a unique game, you need to learn from experienced individuals. With this article, you will not worry about where to find advice. Please read them.




How to Win In Online Casino

3 min read

With the introduction of online casinos, gambling has become easier. Therefore, more people have joined the gambling industry. However, without the knowledge of how to win in online casinos, you may get frustrated. The following are useful tips to help you succeed in online casinos:

Choose the Right Website

Landing the right casino is key to online gambling. Identifying the best online casino, however, pose problems to most gamblers. Here is the technique, look for a website with either a local or international gambling license, one with good reviews, and one with many options of games. An example of these websites includes Their credentials are clear. 

Play More But Spend Less

One of the smartest ways to win in online casinos is to spending less but prolonging your playtime. To achieve this, you need to know your budget. If, for example, you have a budget of $150, it is wise not to choose a $50 spin. Instead, go for a $10 or lower. With this, you increase your chances of winning.

Get Out Of the Game While Winning

If you have been gambling, you may attest how tempting it is to take up another round after a win. Moreover, if you lose, you do not want to quit until you win. Staying in the game is good, but always ensure you quite while winning. Otherwise, you may lose the money your winnings in subsequent rounds.

Choose Your Games Wisely

If you are a newbie, you may want to try all the games, which is not the best approach. Before you get in, select one or two games that interest you, and focus on them. To do this, you need to learn from websites like and become an expert on the games you choose.

Take Breaks

Playing for too long may make you tired and lose focus. Once you lose your focus, your chances of winning reduce. Thus, take brakes in between your playtime to enhance your concentration.

Avoid Drinking

To win online casino games, you need to be of a sound mind. Having a hard drink before or during the session may manipulate your decisions. Therefore, you may end up losing chances you would have otherwise won.



Online casinos have changed the gambling industry. Since each gambler desires to win, the above tips will fulfill your ambition. Try them out and you will not regret gambling online.