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Play Pearls Games And Where You Can Play Them

3 min read

PlayPearls is a representative of the "new school" of developers. With a collection of more than 60 games, it has successfully debuted in many online casinos and has already managed to gain the attention of an army of fans in a relatively short period of time.


Developer PlayPearls began its journey in 2012. Located in the small island state of Malta, this company took advantage of local laws that encourage gambling, but instead of opening another casino, it decided to go ahead and become a supplier of slots and other machines to existing institutions.


The PlayPearls provider is a fairly young developer, which means that he did not have to think long about what technologies should be used to develop his games. At the heart of each machine from this company is HTML5 - a modern platform that works equally well on traditional computers and laptops, as well as on modern mobile devices - tablets, smartphones or even TVs.

In 2018, this company had more than 6 games in its portfolio, which can be divided into the following categories:


The most popular and numerous category, which is popular with most gamblers who value the result;

Live games

You can easily find Play Pearls games in a live setting and all you gave to do is click to play casino live dealer games which have recently been actively gaining ground from traditional virtual board games. They not only allow you to refresh your usual games but also bring your experience to the real casino as close as possible (including aspects such as physical laws), which is especially appreciated among roulette fans;


Various games focused on buying tickets and instant winnings fall into this category. As a rule, most of them are “erase and win” variations;

Card games

The least numerous category of games from this developer, however, should not be ignored.

PlayPearls slots are high on many ratings. This is partly due to the fact that the game process itself is quite interesting, does not require long development, and the range of slots covers all types of risks - from low to high, which allows attracting gamblers with any financial capabilities.

The developer carefully monitors the wishes and needs of the players, trying to create new games even for relatively small groups. Thanks to this attitude towards work, developers come to innovative solutions that can surprise even experienced gamblers. This takes into account the interests of both supporters of the classical approach to gambling and those who seek to experience something new that was not available in the age of analog machines.

Popular Slots

So that you yourself can understand where to start familiarizing yourself with the products of this company, the following is a small overview of the slot machines from PlayPearls, in which three of the most popular slots will be considered:

  • 28 Spins Later;
  • Tiki Beach
  • Fruit Basket.
  • Conclusion

Summing up, we can say that the PlayPearls software is definitely a must-see for any player who spends at least one hour per week for virtual gambling. Ignoring these creations, you may miss something unusual, something that can change your perception of gambling in general and online casinos in particular.



The Hottest Mobile Game Monetization Trends

3 min read


In recent years, the mobile games market has shown rapid development, and significantly ahead of the demand for desktop versions. A few years ago, experts claimed that by the end of 2019, mobile games will make up 60% of the total market profitability, and they were not mistaken.

The growing popularity of mobile gaming apps

Today, many popular IT companies have focused on the development of mobile games, since the demand for them is at a high level and almost every second developer switched to creating gaming applications. The enthusiasm turned out to be so widespread that even social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, began to develop innovative mobile games, considering them the driving force in attracting users to their sites. 

If you want to play with different roulette casino games available at licensed iGaming sites, just try it!

The functionality of modern mobile phones has become a kind of mini-computers, offering owners great opportunities for online games on various gadgets, for which it’s enough to have:

  • screen with good resolution and high color rendering;
  • high-speed internet;
  • built-in browser;
  • touchscreen;
  • access to game app stores.

The competition in the global gaming market for gameplay is extremely high, and companies are forced to look for innovative tools and technologies in order to offer their customers the most convenient platform. Developers of game content have a difficult task - to create a unique and modern solution that will be interesting to game lovers of different age categories.

3 winning application monetization strategies

The main pain of the developer is to understand why, just yesterday, his monetization strategy worked and generated revenue, and suddenly stopped. Below we have prepared an overview of three winning strategies that will help mobile apps earn more in 2020.

Monetization of user data: earnings without advertising

Monetization of data is one of the unobvious ways to effectively monetize an application. User data is the main asset for identifying priority areas for business development and improving existing products and services. Large companies, opinion polls, and other vendors are willing to pay for data about the target audience and most often work through intermediaries such as Appgrow.

For developers, on the other hand, it is beneficial to transfer non-personal user data to intermediaries, receiving a fixed price for each user. Mobile application developers have access to a huge amount of user data that is difficult to monetize. For example, OS version, screen size, device type, RAM / ROM and others.

Ad Monetization: Smart Banners, Native Ads, and Mobile Video

In-app advertising is three times more effective than desktop, so all budgets have shifted towards mobile advertising. Thanks to huge investments by advertisers, by 2021 it is expected that the mobile application market will become the third-largest investment in the world.

In-app purchases

If monetization of data or advertising is not very suitable for you, then in-app purchases are a proven strategy that allows you to take your income to a new level. In-app purchases include various goodies that you can sell in your app. For example, premium-functions, virtual currency, extra life for the hero or any other consumables that you can spend in your application.

It is important to show buying recommendations when the user needs these items the most. Sometimes it makes sense to add a reward for achievements for which you need to make several purchases in the application.



Biggest Stereotypes About Sweden

3 min read

Persistent stereotypes exist about almost every European country: Germans constantly drink beer, the British are stiff, and the French are frivolous. There is a specific set of ideas about Sweden and some are true (like all respected and certified online casinos in Sweden are promoted on TV)  - but more often they have nothing to do with reality. Here are a few myths about Sweden, firmly entrenched in our minds.

Carlson Living on the Roof Every Swede knows

Perhaps this is the most famous stereotype. In fact, Carlson is better known in Russia. The most popular in Sweden is Pippi Longstocking. True, the literary mother of the heroes is one - Astrid Lindgren. Pippi Tales has become Sweden's best-selling book ever. By the beginning of the 21st century, six million copies were sold. Since the country's population is 10 million, it would not be an exaggeration to say that every Swedish family has a book about the strongest girl in the world.

All Swedes Are Blue-Eyed Blondes

Like any stereotype, this is a great exaggeration. Sweden is a multinational country. There are plenty of not only brunettes or redheads but also people with different skin colors. According to statistics, 18% of the inhabitants of Swedes have foreign roots. Sweden has the most successful experience of accepting migrants in the modern world. Without migration, it would be impossible to maintain a high level of economic development for decades.

Swedish Family

Another stereotype that is synonymous with sexual licentiousness. In Swedish, there is no concept with such meaning. Where it actually came from is not known. Although sex in Sweden is by no means a taboo subject. Children are not told about searches in cabbage and storks, preferring to speak about this side of life in plain language.

The Child Can Simply Be Taken From the Family

The most common horror story about Sweden. If what happened - the child will be taken from you and sent for adoption. The truth is that Sweden has become the first country in the world to legally ban the physical punishment of children. But the myth that children are being taken away from their parents everywhere is not supported by statistics. Rather, it is an exceptional measure in an extremely unfavorable situation in the family. The state takes under its guardianship about 0.8% of children living in the country. In France, Germany, Finland, these figures are twice as high. By the way, orphanages in Sweden do not exist at all.

All Swedes Drive a Volvo

Indeed, until the mid-20th century, the Swedes massively traveled to Saab and Volvo. Since then, much has changed. Volvo is now owned by the Chinese concern Geely, and the Swedes are developing different brands. In 2016, for the first time in 50 years, the best-selling car brand was not Volvo, but German Volkswagen.

It Is Cold and Dark in Sweden

Indeed, the lowest temperatures in Europe are recorded in Sweden - and indeed, if you go beyond the Arctic Circle in January, it will be dark. But, for example, daylight hours in December are six hours, and the temperature can be with a plus sign.



What Up With Your Phone's Battery?

4 min read

The most common smartphone malfunction is a broken screen. But if you don't drop your phone, the battery is likely to fail first. The smartphone will start to sit down quickly, as the battery wears down and over some time its maximum capacity decreases. These days you're practically helpless if your smartphone battery runs out. If your smartphone is not used properly, its life can be significantly reduced. To charge your smartphone battery correctly, you need to follow four simple tips:

Don't let the battery run out of power completely

For the battery to last longer, you need to discharge it less to zero. Especially lithium batteries, you don't have to "kill" them completely. As it turned out, the less discharged the battery is, the more cycles of charging the phone can withstand:

Don't leave the device to charge for too long

The optimum charge for lithium batteries - 40-80%. In this charge range, the battery will last longer. Don't leave your phone or smartphone to charge all night, two or three hours is enough for these devices to fully recover their battery capacity.

Prevention once a month

The conclusion from the advice above is that lithium batteries should not be completely discharged, but they sometimes are. People sometimes become interested in some things and spend all battery on all-time favorite games like roulette for mobile phones at online casinos, but that’s bad for phone battery, so users are advised to avoid it and keep a close watch on a battery. However, once a month, however, the battery should be completely "planted" and recharged to its maximum capacity. This allows you to calibrate your smartphone's battery charge readings.

The coolness will keep the battery cool

  1. The temperature difference has already been mentioned, but as an edification, we wanted to say it again. High temperatures are bad for lithium batteries. In particular, overheating damages the smartphone battery and it sits down faster, and the lower the temperature, the longer the battery will retain its nominal capacity.
  2. A few tips to make sure your smartphone will last until the next charge
  3. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS should only be turned on when you really need them. Since searching for an access point, satellite signal or Bluetooth connection consumes first and foremost the charge of your device.
  4. Close applications and programs after you have finished working with them. For this purpose, you may need a smart task manager. Open applications in the background also "kill" the battery
  5. Decrease the brightness of the screen. Decreasing this parameter will significantly save battery power, and the perception of the screen image will have almost no effect. Reduce the backlighting time of the screen to a minimum.
  6. Temperature fluctuations adversely affect the battery charge. Your smartphone should be protected from temperature fluctuations. In particular, overheating damages your smartphone battery and it sits down faster. High frost also has an adverse effect on the battery.
  7. Do not reboot your phone or smartphone unnecessarily. Rebooting is a process that consumes a lot of power. A vibrating call absorbs much more battery power than a simple melody. If possible, it is better to turn off the vibration call.
  8. Forcing the checkbox in the "Use only 2G network" field will allow you to use much fewer battery resources and, therefore, prolongs the active "life" of your smartphone.
  9. And charge your phone if possible. When the phone is completely discharged, the battery will work in enhanced mode, which reduces its life expectancy.


All these tips are easy-to-do but will save your battery charge that may be critical in some emergent situations.



Facts and History Bits About Mexican Peso

4 min read

Mexico - one of the three states located on the mainland of North America, is the southernmost country of the continent. Peso is the national currency of Mexico, issued by the national central bank, called the Bank of Mexico. Those who are interested in trustworthy Mexican peso accepting stylish online casino sites should know the history of the currency and its features in order to be competent in this field. The official currency of Mexico is currently represented by a new monetary unit called the Mexican peso and has the international symbol code MXN.

The Mexican peso passed a long period of its formation. Initially, the Mexican peso was used along with the dollar in most of North America. The name of the national currency of Mexico is very typical for the post-Spanish countries and comes from the name of the Spanish silver coin, common in the late Middle Ages in Spain and its colonies.

History of Mexican Peso

The Mexican peso was introduced into circulation during the period of the national liberation struggle for independence and had a parallel circulation with the Spanish peso. Later, during the periods of the existence of Mexico, both the empire and the republic, he underwent several devaluations caused by civil wars and interventions in the country. This led to a complete loss of the gold component of this currency.

Between 1536 and 1888, 11 mints of Mexico were engaged in minting, and the peso became a regional currency far beyond the borders of one country. In the same period, the national currency of Mexico experienced several waves of inflation, which subsequently influenced the size of the coin and the type of metal from which it was cast. However, this did not lead to monetary reform. In coins, the number of precious metals was constantly decreasing, which led to the loss of international status and the prevalence of pesos in the world.

In 1980, the national currency of Mexico was subject to hyperinflation. The authorities took a full 10 years to carry out a monetary reform and reset the exorbitantly high quotes of the Mexican peso. So, in 1993, new Mexican pesos were issued at the rate of 1: 1000 to the old ones. Three years later, the decision of the authorities to give the currency a shorter name - the Mexican peso.

Payments with Mexican Peso

Due to the impressive share of the shadow economy, cash payment remains common in Mexico. Nevertheless, non-cash payment is also gradually developing and popularizing. It is important to note that in Mexico inflation is quite high, which devalues the national currency and encourages local residents to buy gold or US dollars. Now in Mexico, the Mexican peso floating rate regime, which depends on inflation indicators, is used for exchange rate regulation. Now the exchange rate of the Mexican peso is such that when exchanging for 1 US dollar, you can get almost 19 pesos, for 1 Euro - more than 21. 

Mexican Peso Banknotes and Coins

There is an interesting feature in the design of the banknote - a transparent element in the shape of a butterfly. This was achieved thanks to the material from which banknotes are made - high-quality polymer. The Mexican peso icon is exactly the same as the American dollar, and the centavo uses the same sign as in US cents. These signs arose originally in Mexico and only then began to be used in the USA.

1 Mexican peso consists of 100 centavos. The Bank of Mexico, which manages the monetary issuing policy in the country, issued circulating banknotes in denominations of 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 Mexican pesos. Coins with a nominal value of 5, 10, 20, and 50 centavos, as well as 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20 pesos, are also minted and in monetary circulation. However, in the hands of the inhabitants of Mexico, there are almost no coins of 5.10 and 20 centavos because of their low cost - in retail outlets around the price to 50 centavos. The Mexican peso is considered one of the most protected currencies in the world due to a large number of security signs and elements. 



The Taste Of Beauty: Japanese Sweets

3 min read

Japanese sweets are not just delicious desserts, but an art. Let's talk about the most interesting of them. The Japanese are not afraid of experiments, and therefore prepare non-standard sweets with original tastes. And most importantly - they do it very beautifully.


This is one of the oldest Japanese sweets, existing in different forms for more than a thousand years. Its basis is kanten (agar-agar), which is produced from tengus algae. Simplicity and versatility make it one of the most popular sweet foods; sweet Anko beans, roasted chestnuts, sweet potatoes can be used in its composition.


This is a baked pie or cake made from sweet flour (rice, buckwheat, or wheat). The filling can be anything: chocolate, cream, pasta, azuki beans, fruit jam, sweet cheese, or something else. The most popular sweet in this category is green manju-matcha (with the addition of matcha tea). In Hiroshima, dessert is traditionally baked in the shape of a maple leaf; it is hard to find elsewhere. If you decide to buy a set of manju in Japan as a gift for loved ones, carry it in your hand luggage.


These are crispy rice crackers, which the Japanese bring as a gift to foreigners, as they consider them a win-win dessert. Tastes are very different: chocolate, nuts, sesame seeds, anko pasta, as well as crab, soy sauce, nori, wasabi or something else. Spicy-salty sembei is also considered a dessert in Japan. The most popular form of this sweet is with matcha green tea. To fully enjoy the cozy evening in front of your computer on an iGaming site where Japanese Yen are accepted, you can bring home some of these assorted crackers for 150 Yen in a large box.


Delicious natural sweets - national Japanese sweet with unimaginable tastes. Most often, a nut is placed inside (usually peanuts or any kind of bean), and the shell consists of soft adzuki bean paste. Amanatto sweets are soaked in sugar syrup. Among the flavors, popular are cinnamon, fruit flavors, chocolate, matcha, seaweed, wasabi. The latter option is especially interesting: it is very sweet and at the same time very sharp. You can buy these Japanese sweets in factory packages or pick assorted by weight in a supermarket.


Strictly speaking, this is not exactly a dessert. Mochi in Japan is a special rice dough, on the basis of which many national dishes are prepared, including sweets. By mochi, we mean a whole group of desserts that are worth trying in Japan. Among them are soft steamed buns with a sweet filling that look like colored khinkali, as well as mochi ice cream with a wide variety of tastes, dango - balls on skewers in syrup.


This is a very delicate sponge cake with Portuguese roots. The cake, covered with a characteristic sugar crust, does not have exactly the taste you expect from a biscuit. This Japanese sweet contains honey, green tea powder, and special syrup. Castella is easy to take home: she, packed in narrow oblong boxes, are sold in almost all supermarkets.


Miniature air pancakes with a sweet filling - the leader of Japanese sweets in the positive reviews of tourists. Layer - usually a sweet bean paste, chocolate or berries. Freshly cooked dorayaki is better to eat warm. In factory packaging, they sometimes look like French macarons: colored, airy, with a contrast layer. However, the taste is more like a biscuit. Often they draw on the famous blue cat Doraemon. Dorayaki is easy to bring home: buy those in individual packages.



National Mentality Of Slovenian People

3 min read


Slovenes, as true representatives of the Slavic peoples, are friendly and open, so you can, without hesitation, turn to any passer-by for help. You will be listened to and will either be given good advice, or sent to another, more knowledgeable, passer-by, or to the police officer. For example, if you want to know more about where to find secured and licensed Slovenian online casinos like this site, you will always be prompted by a person with whom you can talk about it and find out a lot of information. 

Foreigners rarely speak Slovenian, so using the words of the local vocabulary will definitely impress - your efforts will be appreciated and rewarded with good advice. A striking feature of Slovenian culture is excessive perseverance. For them, your “No” does not mean rejection. They consider that you refuse simply out of politeness, therefore repeatedly insist on the. Try not to attach much importance to this and keep calm.

Adore Their Famous Fellow Countrymen

Slovenia is very fond of its athletes, most of whom are skiers or engage in other winter sports. Every winter, various sports competitions are held in the country, which is monitored by almost the whole country. Slovenes also support their writers, actors and scientists, read books by Slovenian authors and listen to news about the latest scientific achievements.

Slovenian Culture in Conversation

When communicating with unfamiliar people, it is better not to recall the recent “Soviet” past - as such, it was practically absent here, but it hurts the locals a lot. If the conversation still touches on this topic, do not be surprised to hear very contrasting and sharp opinions on this matter. Be wary of discussing the territorial issues of Slovenia with Croatia, as well as the topics of the 1941-1945 civil war and its consequences. It is better to taboo these controversial issues, then you will save yourself a lot of nerves. In addition, in the culture of Slovenia, it is not customary to discuss sexual minorities, which, although permitted by law, are very negatively perceived by society.

Away to Slovenes

If you are invited to a private dinner, bring a bottle of good wine with you - this will be a kind of gratitude to the owners for the provided treats. If you especially liked any of the dishes, be sure to tell about it before they ask you, especially since they will ask you for sure. Express your satisfaction - this will immediately raise your authority in the eyes of the Slovenes. This is the culture of Slovenia. Most of the local population walks around the house in slippers, so at the entrance, you will be asked to change into house shoes. Please note that shaking hands at a meeting is ubiquitous and generally accepted, but kisses and hugs are possible only between close people. If you came to visit in the evening, do not stay up late and do not try to make noise, sing loudly or turn on music - local laws prohibit having fun after 10 pm. In addition, Slovenes go to bed quite early to start their workday early.