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Online Safety-For kids (FBI kids safty game included)

1 min read

So I was curious to see what . gov websites have for kids safety and ran across this website, and from there I ran into truly the purest gem online, this game hosted by the Federal bureau of investigation. Im not going to lie at first I thought it was hilarious, but once I started playing with it. it's actually very well structured, has very nice graphics, and is sort of fun to play with and such. I actually do recommend visiting it here

below is a screenshot of one of the lessons.



Kids learning robotics in elementary school

1 min read

I think this is a very cool program, I first actually was introduced to this at Invitation for innovation for Everett public schools and saw kids in elementary tables have all these robots doing crazy things. I thought I would revisit this. This article here explains the benefits of the classroom and all the good stuff, I'm here to talk about how it relates to digital literacy. much like the meditated writing, you learn a lot about yourself when you work on something with a different perspective. Robotics also helps you understand how movement works since children in primary school are still are mastering their motors skills. 


Bill and Melinda Gates annual letter

2 min read

Every Year the Gates foundation do an annual letter talking about their fight against poverty and their goals and it always inspires me. Since we were Reading about the harry potter alliance I thought I would share my favorite charity. if you guys have a chance I would recommend you to read it ( it's a dialog not much of a letter). it also has amazing graphics if you were looking for inspiration for your spark page and such. 

A brief summary of this year's letter, it starts off with a short letter from Warren Buffet talking about two years ago how he had been the CEO of his company for 50 years and his reflection and asks the Bill on his. Bill gates then list some of the accomplishments of the foundation: 122 million children live saved since 1990, 86% children vaccinated worldwide, the highest rate ever, Reducing newborn mortality, ending malnutrition, and the coolest yet there goal of a magic number: 0.

-"Zero malaria. Zero TB. Zero HIV. Zero malnutrition. Zero preventable deaths. Zero difference between the health of a poor kid and every other kid."- Bill Gates ( AKA Batman)

Annual letter here



Great excuse to bring dog to class.

1 min read

I was just reading  Vikki Davis tweets (@coolcatteacher on twitter if you guys want to follow) and she tweeted a article called "How Reading Aloud to Therapy Dogs Can Help Struggling Kids" . Already sold before I even read the article. It starts off with the preciple of an elementry school talkimng about how she noticed that some her students were having problems back home. Then they go into how some students were struggling emotinaly, so she wanted to get something to help her students out. its a very good article that I advise you to read if you have time to meet stanley the reading dog.



1 min read

Click-bait, it was click-bait. I came across this article about an instructor that forced his classroom to post "BuzzFeed" click-bait titles for a grade on their articles and 'THE RESULTS OF WHAT HAPPENS NEXT WILL SHOCK YOU'. All jokes aside, the results were really amazing, average student was made over 2,000 clicks from their headers and some of the top made over 10,000 clicks that week. I've read only 2 of the articles because they were linked and I found them very interesting. if anyone is looking for a few thousand clicks they 'SHOULD TRY THIS PRODUCT THAT WILL GET YOU ENOUGH CLICKS TO BE BIGGER THEN PEWDIPIE'