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Google Play Services and Whatsapp News

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In addition, developers will be able to include small bitmap images of locations in their apps through a new "lite" map option - which can be touched to open the full map. In Google Drive, the search giant lowers battery consumption by synchronizing files, enhances searches within the appreviews, and saves information across multiple programs.

Google Play Services improves Google Maps functions

In turn, Wallet received a new button called "Donate with Google", which adds to the existing "Buy with Google." Fit, finally, now allows developers to add activity segments to their exercise apps, making it easier to insert pauses into a specific session and track routines that include different types of exercises.

As if it were not enough to show who read your messages in groups, now Whatsapp  starts to deliver who is typing a message in real time. Good or bad?

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With the latest version of WhatsApp, you can now see which of the participants in a group is writing a message. Just as in the individual message exchanges, just below the group name, in the messenger status bar, you can know who will (or not) send a message.