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Hello my name is Franco. I'm from Queens New York. I currently work in Admissions at the University of Washington. I'm a dad and I'm also a grad student.


An End to Trolling?

1 min read

In a universe where people can be different online, have different monikers and hide behind a keyboard, there is almost no online accountability whatsover. Because of this we have many trolls. People who spew hatred and vile things just because they feel like it. It's absolutely terrible However we may have found a possible solution to end/ or hinder trolling on the internet! Check out the artice here.


Like a black mirror episode

1 min read

This is scary. This happened to U.S. born citizen at the border. With new  immigration policies trying to be enforced, this can truly become our reality very soon. We technically don't have certain rights at the border in which we may have to give up our phone for security reasons. This is very similar to an idea I saw on the show Black mirror which I blogged about last week, where people can have complete access in your life. Whether it's for security purposes, it's still a complete invasion of privacy. So much information are on our mobile phones that this is a frightening idea if ever enforced. Check it out.


Mark Zuckerberg Manifesto

1 min read

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg just wrote a nearly 7,000 word manifesto a few days ago. He addresses the state of facebook and where it may be headed. I'm pretty sure he's speaking out now because of the turbulent times that we are in. He understands the power of facebook and it's almost limitless possibilities. With all the information out there, I think he knows we can all do more and be better informed. He also stresses better ways to connect, building stronger and safer communities, civic engagement and the possible use of artificial intelligence in the future. For the most part, I think Zuckerberg knows the power of facebook and the importance of building communities and it's tremendous impact. I'm not sure where we are headed but it's definitely a time of uncertainty. Check out the Manifesto on facebook.


David Bowie predicts the future?

1 min read

This is an old David Bowie interview from 1999. It's amazing that he had the forsight and creativity to envision what the future of the internet may bring. I'm not sure if many people, including the interviewer understood it's possiblities. It's possible we still don't. I think Bowie was a brilliant artist, a visionary and way ahead of his time and this interview displays that. Or maybe he was just a time traveler..


How we spend our time

1 min read

I've been struggling a bit with this idea that we do in fact spend way too much time online than we do with the world outside. Human and social interaction is different today than it was 15 years ago. How is this affecting how we become as a society? I understand it's integral to be digitally literate but this can only happen with a lot of time spent online. When is it too much? I blogged a bit about this topic and also came across this article. As we get more and more digitally literate as a society will the number of hours spent online a day grow even more?!?!


How to keep up in the job market

1 min read

I went to this education conference awhile back and heard a talk about how online programs may someday replace all of education. Working in higher ed, this idea scares me. In my opinion, class discussions and human interaction is irreplaceable and the most valuable in our education. However, times are changing and so is technology. How can educators and students make use of these advances and still all be in the same page. To add to this, the job market is vastly different than it was just 20 years ago. Different skills and trades are needed today. Does our education system equip and support students for the jobs out there today? This artice touches upon these topics and the ever changing times in education and technology.


What not to post

1 min read

What's great about social media is that you have the freedom to express yourself anyway you want. What's bad about social media is the possible ramifications it can create. You actually don't have that much freedom in what you post because it can possibly get you fired from your job. Oversharing or being inappropriate/offensive can lead you to trouble. Although it can be a great tool to get your ideas out and connect with people, it can be very dangerous if you are not careful.

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