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How to dress for the New Year with friends?

4 min read

To switch from one year to the next, will you be surrounded by your best friend (s)? Whether it's a festive evening with several dozen people or a celebration in a smaller committee, you have no choice, you need a suitable outfit. Mademoiselle Grenade explains how to be chic and elegant on New Year's Eve and be the queen of the evening.

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To dress well for the New Year, we dare!

If you have a rather introverted personality, and a tendency to be shy, then take advantage of this last evening of the year to let go and enjoy! How? 'Or' What? With (in particular) the right clothing. If in the office you have to wear very strict clothes, and in everyday life, you leave little room for extravagance, then the New Year is the time to choose to express your creativity. Dare to color!

 Red is particularly a color that we associate with the holiday season. A pretty red dress (like this slit and long dress), or even black pants associated with a red blouse will give you elegance and dynamism. If red isn't your color of choice, don't panic: blue, pink, but also chocolate or cream tones are perfect.

 Besides the colors, the right outfit for the New Year should also be an outfit with pretty materials. Lace, chic and sexy, can be added to your look in small touches. You can also choose an outfit with patterns, to break the monotony of solid colors. Also think about clothes that stand out with original cuts: a long dress with a slit on the side, a dress with an open back, or an asymmetrical top. The keyword of the evening: dare!

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The ideal outfits to celebrate the New Year with friends

To help you dress well for the New Year's Eve and not spend hours in front of your wardrobe, Mademoiselle Grenade offers you the associations that work best:

 The femme fatale long dress: dresses are not prohibited in winter, on the contrary (read our article “How to wear a long dress in winter?  ”)! A long dress, which goes below the knees or even to the ankles will give you a femme fatale look! In black, it gives you elegance, but softer colors are not to be excluded (cream, pastel, pink, light blue);

The short dress to dance the night away: the long dress brings chic but does not always prove to be the best ally for dancing. So choose a shorter version instead if the evening promises to be lively. It will reveal your legs that you can enhance with fancy patterned tights (garter belt effects, polka dots, or even seam lines). You do not know which short dress to choose? Fall for a little black dress that you will accessorize with a belt;

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 Evening smocking: dresses are not for you? So for a New Year with chic friends, wear the smocking. A pretty blouse, straight-cut pants and a fitted jacket, and you are adorned with real elegance. On your feet, wear colorful heels to break up the look (red pumps for example) or choose derbies to play on the masculine/feminine codes.



You can now upload videos to Instagram from Hootsuite with your computer (as long as they last less than a minute)

2 min read

Alberto González

You can now upload videos to Instagram from Hootsuite with your computer (as long as they last less than a minute)

Hootsuite , the world's most widely used social media management platform, and Instagram have ended one of the strictest social media policies since its inception in 2010, the limitation on uploading videos from a computer. The alliance between the two companies will now allow all Hootsuite users to upload videos to Instagram company profiles directly from the computer.

At the beginning of January of this year, we explained how Instagram silently updated its API to allow programming videos on Instagram . After the update, tools such as Hootsuite and other social media management apps  could allow you to schedule videos on Instagram without having to use alternative processes such as receiving a mobile alert from these apps when it's time to post, and then manually upload the video. directly on the social network.

How to post videos on Instagram using Hootsuite

videos on instagram

Doing it is very simple. It is only necessary to have the direct publication function activated, since if this function is not activated, the profiles will use the mobile notification workflow. Of course, there are still some limitations: the video to upload must have a duration of between 3 and 60 seconds.

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Publishing videos to Instagram for personal profiles uses the mobile notification workflow, so you must have installed the Instagram app and the latest version of the Hootsuite app on your mobile device.

The ability to upload videos from a computer and from the Hootsuite panel was already available for Twitter, Facebook, Fan Pages and LinkedIn, and now also on Instagram company profiles . This functionality is available to all Hootsuite users regardless of the plan they have contracted codes for pet ranch simulator.



What is gamification: how to use it in your online marketing strategy

4 min read

What is gamification: how to use it in your online marketing strategy

Gamification is an excellent strategy to use in online marketing. Its great attraction lies in the incentives it is capable of providing to users. This technique promotes play skills to encourage people to adopt a specific behavior . 

Applying it to social networks or a website, the incentives that are granted with gamification are of the type: comments, publication of articles, ranking of votes ... Creativity in this aspect is a point in favor, since it allows the user an entertaining interaction and funny

What is gamification: objectives 

The objective for this type of technique such as gamification in your online strategy is very simple: It consists of users becoming active participants on your website , thus achieving activities in which they obtain rewards: either through valuations, privileges, or special offers and promotions. The fundamental idea is to retain your users so that they return to your website. 

Creating a gamification campaign in your online strategy means offering amazing experiences to your users. By rewarding their actions, you promote dynamism, either on your social networks or on the web, which favors the flow of users to achieve meaningful interactions . 

Relationship with our users is a fundamental strategy in online marketing , which provides us with benefits as important as better web positioning, thanks to the constant interaction that is created through user comments and activity. 

Main incentives of gamification in online marketing

When we create a gamification campaign, we must take into account various aspects of the interaction we want to promote with our users. What is intended is that the client spends as much time as possible on the web, so that he knows all our news and ends up being our faithful follower. 

You can encourage users who visit your website or your social networks through different methods:

·        Ratings and levels, to grow status within the community. Rewarding opinions, questions, answers, and the degree of participation. 

·        Offer virtual or physical prizes to encourage the motivation of your users.

·        Give recognition to other users, making a ranking of achievements. 

Examples of gamification in online Marketing

Here are some examples of how big companies like Tripadvisor or LinkedIn use gamification in their online marketing strategy : 



Scores in levels for offering opinions on Tripadvisor


gaming linkedin

Assessment of interactions on Linkedin

These are two examples of the many that we can find on the most important pages and companies on the internet. The gamification strategy adds a plus to our users , offering them the possibility of being active participants in our brand. 

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Of course, there are many agencies that can help you use gamification in your online strategy. A useful way to locate them is to use , a matchmaking platform between agencies and companies at a European level, which has a presence in Spain. Sortlist is in charge, through a series of questions, of helping you choose the best agency for your specific case.




Gamification as a weapon to attract talent



This technique can not only be applied to product marketing: a fully digital recruitment system that includes virtual games can be used to make a selection from among thousands of participants, who will have to choose, to start their professional career, one of the departments of Unilever: Marketing, Supply Chain, Commercial and Finance.