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Development Commences in The First Smart City of Pakistan

3 min read

A capital smart city is the first smart city in Pakistan. it is a leading housing project in Islamabad that is set to deliver the blend of technology and ultimate lifestyle to commercial and residential clients. CSC enjoys the premium location as it is situated on M2-motorway Lahore-Islamabad, just a few kilometers away from the airport. It is the project of HRL developers, who are known for delivering construction marvels through the country. The planning and infrastructure of Capital Smart City Islamabad are internationally based.

This smart city is known for all the futuristic facilities and amenities it has promised to deliver. Due to this fact, CSC is the new hotspot for investors. This housing project is in its development stages, 550 machines are already deployed to complete the project. A devoted team of engineers and developers are working day and night to complete this amazing housing project. The proposed timeline for this project is 5 years but it is suspected that the development will be completed much earlier as the progress is fast despite Covid-19. Furthermore, future homeowners and business enthusiasts are taking interest in availing this golden opportunity, most of the plots in commercial and residential sectors are already sold out. CSC has already finalized their first balloting and possession has been given to the clients. The new property owners of Capital Smart City are building their dream homes delightfully. Over the past 3 years, this flamboyant housing project has gained the trust of many by fulfilling the dream of their clients.

Lahore Smart City

If you are a resident of the colorful city of Lahore, then this must be good news. HRL developers have initiated yet another opportunity of building your dream home in a smart city. Lahore smart city is the 2nd smart city of Pakistan and is also being developed by HRL developers Pvt. Ltd located in the suburbs of Lahore. This astonishing housing venture is an example of ultimate luxury, it will provide a futuristic living experience to the residential clients. The magnificent commercial sector of Lahore Smart City will be ideal to satisfy the business needs of the clients. Lahore Smart City has begun its development process and has successfully started selling commercial and residential plots. This housing venture is packed with all amenities and 24 hr. supply of utilities to the residents. CSC Lahore plots are available for booking and can be yours in easy installments and down payment as low as 10 percent. If you are interested to build your home in Lahore, you must check Park View Lahore which is another superb housing project, aims to deliver an excellent lifestyle to the residents


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Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Your First Real Estate Property

3 min read

Real estate sector in Pakistan is currently booming. After a stagnation of over a year, the incumbent government provided the construction with a mega relief package. Due to this relief package, the real estate sector in Pakistan has moved. According to real estate experts across Pakistan, the Prime Minister’s package for construction sector has been positively welcomed with a boost seen in real estate transactions volume.

The current situation and positive prospects of Pakistan’s real estate sector has also made newbie investors to jump in. However, real estate investments in Pakistan are not as transparent as they are in any developed countries. This is due to a largely non-regulated real estate sector. However, the current government has pushed through several amends and laws to regularize the real estate sector of Pakistan.

The investment trends in the country are indicative of the fact that public at large prefers real estate for investments. If you are a new real estate investor in Pakistan, then you need to take care of how you invest your money with the best real estate agency. Here are some of the factors that you need to keep in mind before investing in real estate.

The developer:

If you are looking to invest in any upcoming or proposed housing society, then you will need to do your complete homework before making your move.  It is extremely important for you to check the housing society’s developer reputation in the market. A good developer will have a portfolio of previous residential societies that were completed and delivered on time. In contrast, a new developer or someone with a tarnished reputation will be having scores of complaints against them on public forums. It is very important for the developer to be reliable because your investments can be at risk if it’s someone with a bad repute.

The Location

Location is the most important aspect of real estate. Before investing in an upcoming housing society, you will need to analyze the location in order to proceed. A good location generally means that the housing society is located on a main road with access to all civic amenities and resources. Some housing societies are not located on any main road. As a new investor, you should prefer residential societies located on main road. Also, you should check the area around to see if basic civic utilities such as public transport, water, electricity, phone lines and natural gas are available in surrounding areas.



The housing societies in Pakistan are only considered legitimate if they take No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the city’s urban or rural development authority. For instance, if you are looking to Islamabad and Rawalpindi, then the housing society should either have an NOC for development from RDA or CDA. some housing societies like Capital Smart city, Park view City in Islamabad and Blue world city in islamabad have the NOC's.There are many housing societies that are selling their inventory without a valid NOC. It is better to stay away from such investments as their legitimacy is under question and to avoid risk.

Real estate investment in Pakistan’s real estate sector have the potential to give great yields. However, you will need to make sure that you are targeting the right housing society that is legal and enjoys a great location with impeccable developer repute.




How to Make a Great Career in Real Estate Investment in Pakistan

4 min read

Real Estate in Pakistan is one of the largest sectors of economy. According to real estate experts, the real estate industry of Pakistan has a massive scale and magnitude that spans over USD 1 Billion. However, the real estate sector in Pakistan is heavily unregulated. Due to the fact that the real estate sector is heavily unregulated, many real estate transactions go unnoticed. However, amid all the short comings of Pakistan’s real estate sector, there is still a lot in the real estate sector for aspiring investors.

The career opportunities in Pakistan’s real sector are immense and lucrative. Real Estate is already a billion dollar industry and the incumbent government has resolved to make it regulated. Now is the right time to tap into the real estate market for those who are looking to make a career by investing in real estate. The government has provided real estate investors and developers with myriad of tax relief packages.

Here is the step by step guide to build a career as a real estate investor in Pakistan:

1.       The first step is to make up your mind regarding the niche you are going to target as a real estate investor. In Pakistan, there are multiple ways that you can start your real estate career. If you are a real estate investor who would like a monthly yield on their investment, then going for already constructed homes, freehold property and commercial property are some of the most viable options. On the other hand, if you want to be an investor who would like to go for profits in mid-term and long term, then investing in upcoming real estate projects such as residential files and plots is a good option. No matter what your investment style is, you will need to make sure that the money you are investing today is going to give you profit in the future.

2.       Once you have surgically defined your investment style, now is the time to learn how the dynamics of real estate works. The best way to learn is to get an apprenticeship with a local real estate agency in Pakistan. Since there are no real estate education platforms in Pakistan, getting into a real estate agency is your best bet to learn the art of investing in Pakistan market. You can select a real estate agency based on the area you want to work in. For instance, if you are looking to target Lahore Smart City then your best option would be to go for a real estate agency that deals in Lahore Smart City. Once you become a part of such agency, you will then learn the nitty-gritty about selling, purchasing and leasing of real estate in Pakistan.

3.       The real estate agency you join as an apprentice can become your real estate investing platform as well. Real Estate agencies in Pakistan and globally have a list of regular investors. Your next step is to get on the list. This is not easy and there is no defined time-span as to when you can become a part of the investment list. By getting on the investor list of a real estate agency, you will be presented with various investment options around your area of interest. It will be then your call to either invest on the presented options or pass them over. For instance, if you are working with a real estate agency in Islamabad, then they can offer you investment opportunities in Park View City Islamabad.

It is easy to become a real estate investor in Pakistan. However, you will need to be a talented investor to play your investing game right. According to real estate experts and veteran investors, it is always recommended to stick with the niche that you chose as an investor. For example, if you invest in files of residential societies, then you should stick to flipping the files for profit. Same goes if your selected niche is rental income and long-hold properties. Also, the real estate agent that you choose for this purpose if someone that has a good reputation in the market.