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I am 24, and a Media and Communications major at UW. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my cats and girlfriend. I also love hiking and boating. In the summer you can 99% of the time find me at the lake on my boat!


Technology enhancing, mannrrs declining.

1 min read

This week's reading found here was probably my favorite article that I have found this far. The article goes into detail about how kids are not praticing their manners while talking to automated technologies that answers questions like Alexa and it is then being carried out in their conversations with their parents or peer. Because these technologies do not respond in a way to correct the lack of please or thank you or even name calling these flaws continue on without any sort of punishment. Mattel is planning on creating a device that enforces kids to say please and thank you but should kids really have acess to this type of technology? This type of technology could really make the kid a know-it-all and resort to technology for calling out their parents when told that they need to put a jacket on or other smart responses based on what the technology provides them with.


Watch a Giraffe Give Birth LIVE

1 min read

Recently, there has been a youtube video that has been going around the Internet world of a live stream watching a girrafe give birth. How cool, right? Well apparently there has been some controvery on the topic and the live stream was shut down, but luckily, here is the restored link. What a wonderful and amazing world we live in. We can be sitting on our couch eating popcorn while watching a Girrafe across the country give birth. That is the power of the media! 


Alexa, can you help with this murder case?

1 min read

Check out this article found here.

This was an extremely interesting article pertaining to our recent reading about privacy.  At what point does one's security and one's privacy, cross the line? Do you think that police should have access to what Alexa heard and recorded? Does it make you uneasy knowing that Alexa and other similar devices are listening in to your conversations and potentially recording them? "According to Amazon, Echo works by constantly listening for the "wake word" -- "Alexa" or "Amazon," by default -- and then records your voice and transfers it to a processor for analysis so that it can fulfill requests or answer questions. The recordings are streamed and stored remotely, and can be reviewed or deleted over time, Amazon says." Apparently Amazon fought hard to protect the consumer's privacy which proved to be useful as they claimed that there was nothing abnormal that was recorded.


How to Network

1 min read

This weeks article found here is all about networking and how to network if you are shy. While I am not overly shy, it is certainly a great resource for those who are. I know I tend to be outgoing in person, however online, I feel a little timid not knowing what to post or how to word it. The article mentions to stop apologizing when reaching out for help, which I think is a really important point to make. In general, one should never apologize for reaching out and trying to get help. The article provides great insight about how to be succeful as well as ways to reaching out. I feel like this is very benefical for not just shy folks but everyone in general.



Tech Trends

1 min read

This weeks article found here is all about the latest and greatest tech trends in education. For a long time using tech in the education industry has been a hot topic and highly controversial. Personally cloud based applications have always concerned me in the case of a security breach, however, this is slowly becoming irrelevant, "Many education firms and online charter school programs have invested heavily in delivering their educational curriculum using cloud-based web services and remote delivery system." Ebooks and online games are also starting to gain popularity as it is a good way to get kids to interact without realizing that they are actually learning.



Media Affecting the Kids?

1 min read

Here is a link to a picture article regaurding the development of media and how it is affecting kids now. I felt that some of these "facts" were really obviously. Of course your child will have more screen time than book time if the technology is shifting...It was also very refreshing to see the educators veiw on the media. There is a substantail amount of educators integrating media into their teachings. How do you feel about the positive vs. negitive affects of the media? 




Tweeting 2016: How Social Media is Shaping the Presidential Election

2 min read

While the beginning of the article starts off talking about politics, if you continue further, you will find the impact of social media on the recent election. More specifically, the impact of Twitter and the huge role it played with communication between presidential candidates and their opponents as well as supporters. “Social media — especially Twitter — has played an instrumental role in the amount of attention received by the most flagrant examples of negative rhetoric in the 2016 campaign cycle.”


Surprisingly, it was former POTUS, Barack Obama that was the first to use Twitter as a form of social media. Obama’s tweets were used as a less formal way of connecting with his supporters and the citizens of the US. However, the twitter tone has definitely shifted to a hasteful environment. “Propagating through social media, overwhelmingly negative, frequently deceptive, and often fallacious examples of campaign rhetoric that would have gained little traction in the journalistic avenues of traditional media are brought to the forefront of our attention in a continuous onslaught.” By shifting the focus of tweets to the negative, it has drawn the attention to the drama of the tweets and less on the actual political agenda.