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Teacher Tidbit Blog

1 min read

I came across this blog from a teacher on twitter and I thought it was a cool idea. He basically just posts all kinds of different things and thoughts he has about teaching and education. My favorite post is his new years resoulutions as a teacher, learning one new thing about a student each day, committing to change, things that make a teacher better from a live perspective of a teacher. 

Teacher Tidbits


Using Social Media in classrooms

1 min read

I found this article about a reflection of a class that decided to integate social media into their classroom and curriculum. It is interesting to see the perspectives of students using the material rather that just what the educator sees. This particular class was using mutilple platforms just as we are and they had similar reflections about how they appreciated being able to see each others work and be able to reflect on world issues in the educational lense from anywhere because they were so easily connected to their class through their devices.



Is the Pen Mightier than the Keyboard?

1 min read

This article is an interesting read abou the benifits and drawbacks for notetaking by pen or by keyboard. I never thought about the different ways it impacts learning and the amount of notes taking on keyboard. It seems that taking notes on a keyboard allows you to write more but think less as we are just typing as fast as someone is talking whereas if you are hand writting you are forced to internalize and summarize what you are hearing in order to keep pace with the speaker and help your hand out from getting too many cramps! 




Digital Relationships - Not so Common Sense

1 min read

I was doing some research on digital relationships and the value people put on them and came across this piece that is called " Common Sense Education". I really like this piece because it is very short and to the point and I think many young individuals can benifit from reading it. It emphisizes how many digital realtionships youth have today and how they are primarily romatic relationships and updates and fights and whatnot that are publisized. I think youth don't hold enough value to the words they use when updating a status or reolying to a comment. They do not think of the feelings and intentions others will imply on the words that they post. We have to always be aware of who will be reading and how it could be interpreted. 


So many innovate and creative ways to use Twitter in the Classroom!

1 min read

I found this article while doing my tools reading! I had no idea there were so many different ways to impement twitter into the classroom. I was thinking it would just be good for tags and communication but there are ways to use it for games, conversation, communication with parents, polls, note taking, networking and review. I think this shows we have come a long way with technology and social media in terms of accepting it as an asset to education instead of a set back or distraction.