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Representation Matters

1 min read

Scrollinng through twitter I found this article  about diverse books. In my experience diversity and represntation matters in any form of media wether it be books or screen. Kids need to be able to see themselves in jobs, positions of power, and STEAM. If a minority see themselves in media, positions of power, and jobs they are most likely to believe in themselves. That same lack of representation can also fuel minorities into pushing themselves into that role to represent. This articles gives resources on where to find books and examples of diverse books for differnent marginalized groups of people.



Daily create

1 min read

I think this one was cool to look at what technology cann do. In this one it showed you how you can draw something and it can design and color it in a way that made it semi close to what it actually looked like. I just thought it was a cool setting to see what the internet has come up with and can create over time. Just wait for a 100 years and then lets see what technology is actually like. I hope you have fun with this i know i did.


STEM, STEAM, and Video Games

1 min read

I got lost in the world of YouTube today. I wanted a fun video about how video games help teach STEM skills, but somehow in the shuffle I found cats (as you always do on YouTube) and this TED talk about turning STEM into STEAM by adding ART to the acuasion. Albert Einstein wrote "After a certain high level of technical skill is achieved, science and art tend to coalesce in esthetics, plasticity, and form. The greatest scientists are always artists as well." which makes me really happy, because when a guy as smart as that promotes artistic development, I know I'll be able to get my students to follow along with my artsy lessons. 

So to keep it balanced, here is an article about video games as classroom tools:

The Latest Tools for Teaching STEM: Video Games

And a YouTube video about STEAM:

Integrating Art with STEM Education




Games As Educational Tools

2 min read

I found myself very interested in the potential and connection between games and education for this week's readings. I found an article that discusses the use of games to provide opportunities for deeper learning. First off though why games? Well when you were young you loved to play outside with friends, play games (even if they were not digital games), go to the arcade perhaps until you run out of coins! Games involve the word "play" and in this article there was a line which said that the play stops occurring when students enter the classroom. This is very true because students are not able to move, engage, become immersed as they would in a game. There was the usage of the word "attribute" which in the case of games provide determination (persistence), risk taking, problem solving, and most importantly collaboration! The ability to work together and not individually a term coined "collective intelligence"! I found this article very fascinating and another important point was that just by giving games to children will not help them. Teaching them to think like game designers, interpret and understand the way these games are created is the important part! Here is the article! Games and Education

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SAMR & Math

1 min read

For those of you unfamiliar, the SAMR Model is an approach to using technology in education that considers how the learning activity can be transformed by the technology used. We've seen in class that using multimedia in storytelling can result in a dramatically different experience for a reader/viewer; the format of technology (a la "Inanimate Alice") can also definitively shape the messages and takeaways from interaction with it. So lo and behold, the SAMR model: a way for you (the teacher) to consider how to utilize tech in a way that isn't just redundant (i.e. instead of writing an essay on paper, writing it on a Chromebook. woop dee doo). 

And what does that have to do with math? Well, that's a big problem with math and tech: how exactly should tech be utilized in order to bring about a deeper understanding of mathematical ideas? Thankfully several bloggers have already made their ideas known about how to apply SAMR in practical ways in a math classroom. Take a read to see how typical activities in a classroom can be transformed and lessons redefined just by the technology utilized.


When Social Media Breaks Bad

1 min read

Adam is an advocate for social media despite the challenges caused trolls, bullies, and online anonymity. In his blog post he acknowledges the negative message or impact caused by social media but speaks on how the positive impacts of technology outweigh the negatives. He writes of his belief in the school's job to protect students by not only teaching them about digital citenzenship but also supporting them in how to protect themselves online. 


Social Media and Young People's Mental Health

1 min read

I recently started working in a Kid Center at my gym and they all come in with tablets with games on them. It got me thinking about the impact that teachnology, or more specifically social media, has on young minds. This article discusses the impact that Social Media has on a young person's mental health. I found the results of social media on young minds to be interesting but also sort of terrifying. I'm hoping that this article is exagerated but I don't think so.

Click Here for the article!


Using Social Media in classrooms

1 min read

I found this article about a reflection of a class that decided to integate social media into their classroom and curriculum. It is interesting to see the perspectives of students using the material rather that just what the educator sees. This particular class was using mutilple platforms just as we are and they had similar reflections about how they appreciated being able to see each others work and be able to reflect on world issues in the educational lense from anywhere because they were so easily connected to their class through their devices.



Kids learning robotics in elementary school

1 min read

I think this is a very cool program, I first actually was introduced to this at Invitation for innovation for Everett public schools and saw kids in elementary tables have all these robots doing crazy things. I thought I would revisit this. This article here explains the benefits of the classroom and all the good stuff, I'm here to talk about how it relates to digital literacy. much like the meditated writing, you learn a lot about yourself when you work on something with a different perspective. Robotics also helps you understand how movement works since children in primary school are still are mastering their motors skills. 


Can black people appropriate African culture?

1 min read

After reading about “black creation” and cultural appropriation this week; I was playing around online.  I was looking at some of the sites in our readings and also Black Twitter when I came across an article that was very interesting to me.  The title is “Black America, please stop appropriating African clothing and tribal marks”.  The article talks about the uproar by black people on “Black Twitter” and other platforms about cultural appropriation by people while at the same time appropriating African culture and fashion.  The author Zipporah Gene says “we are in an age of discourse and discussion…black people around the world can get together and discuss issues that matter to us.”  Gene definitely has an interesting take on cultural appropriation that I haven’t heard before.  However I disagree with her comparason because unlike her, I consider black Americans to be part of the African diaspora.  People who share culture, music and even fasion because our cultures have their roots in the same place, Africa.