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Do not modify or exchange bobbleheads

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With their nodding heads and wobbly necks, bobbleheads make a welcome companion at events and even inside our homes. But now that I think about it, don't we abuse them sometimes? But now, how should we guarantee maximum protection and the correct use of these little junk? Buckle up, in today's article we're going to discuss 8 things you shouldn't do with bobbleheads.

Do not modify or exchange bobbleheads
Let's be honest, sometimes our preferences change and we often feel like we need new legend bobbleheads in addition to the ones we already have. Such trade-offs can even tempt us to mix our existing bobbleheads into something we want, which isn't quite right. Bobblehead dolls should not be exchanged under any circumstances because continuous exchange leads to the loss of culture and the great respect we have for them. Mixing preexisting bobbleheads with something else also flashes the story, destroys the meaning, and even erases the story.

Modifying custom bobbleheads to new heroes is also disrespectful and can lead to a breakdown of fellowship. Imagine a scenario where you give someone your custom bobbleheads and transform them into something else. Doesn't that imply that someone doesn't worship you? Doesn't it quietly imply that I took your bobblehead gift for granted? Service to say, just don't do gifted bobbleheads again.

Don't compare bobbleheads decisively
I know, bobbleheads represent legends in different fields who were probably more successful than others, but to compare such attributes to these little gimmicks is sheer fuss, disrespect, and injustice to yourself. Come on Jack, have a positive mindset and be grateful. To be brutally honest, Comparison spoils the fun and, worse, leads us to overlook the good parts they are meant to play. Also, Be Grateful will encourage you to collect more and more personalized bobbleheads and enjoy life in a fun way.

Also, some people are emotionally attached to their bobbleheads, so comparing custom bobbleheads can lead to arguments that will lead to heated debates and eventually wars. Wars? Yes you're right. For the sake of sanity, just avoid comparing bobbleheads. It's degrading!

Do not attach them to contentious issues.
We live in a very sensitive world where we have a couple of emerging issues. Some are highly debated. Therefore, leaning towards a certain group can be a loss of meaning, even with our personalized bobbleheads. Bobbleheads are meant to appreciate and not compete. Also, bobbleheads are simply meant for positive vibes and not for our social leanings or beliefs. To summarize, practices like racial bias, sexual bias, and spiritual bias should be avoided at all costs when styling someone's bobblehead. Bobbleheads must stick to their role of "displaying a printable language."

Intellectual property
Did you know that some bobbleheads are protected by law? And what does it mean?

This simply means that you can't reproduce the same designs without asking permission, unless you like being behind bars. In the world of bobbleheads, not all companies and designs are open to everyone. Some bobblehead designs are protected by the National Museum Hall of Fame, meaning they belong to certain groups of people.

But this does not mean that you are locked out of redesigning them because all you need is a non-exclusive license to use such bobblehead designs for nurses gifts.