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What class to choose in Swtor

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The republic has four basic classes and the empire has four basic classes. Each one has a unique personal story that you can experience for 100% free. Each base class has two advanced classes.

When you start the game with swtor credits, you must select an advanced class. This choice is permanent. In addition, each advanced class has three different combat ability options, the so-called disciplines.

Some classes can deal damage and heal, others can deal damage and tanks, but some classes can only deal damage. Areas can be changed at any time during the game (except during combat).

See all classes and disciplines in the SWTOR Beginner's Guide. This article is intended to be very new to SWTOR and MMO players and will help you better understand the game settings, general areas, and which style is best for you.

Expanding this section to a standalone guide: How to create a new character in SWTOR. If you need more details and want to know what tokens to use to improve your character, there are many useful tips.

Appearance designer
Appearance Designer allows you to change the appearance of your character in various ways, including seeds, shapes, heads, scars, and skin tones.

However, it is important to know that doing all of this costs real money. Initial character creation is 100% free, but if you want to change the physical appearance of your character in the Appearance Designer, you will have to pay in poster coins.

Appearance designers are available at the Fleet Cartel Bazaar. You can also buy it and install it on your own galaxy base.