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Role of Introduction in Essay writing

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Role of Introduction in Essay writing

As I mentioned earlier, the role of the Introduction is as follows.

Introducing the topics, themes, and titles of this essay

Only this. For Introduction only.

Therefore, the important thing is

Interesting things that readers are interested in, "What is this essay (the author) writing after this?"

must be. Does that sound a little exaggerated?

But that's what it is. If it's boring or doesn't interest the reader, it won't read after that.

I know that. I'll finish reading it. That's the important part.

When I write an essay (I haven't written it for a long time ...), this part consumes 80% of the power. The rest is in a shell state and can be written almost by inertia (a lie)


How to get started

After all, I'm worried about this. So I will introduce four approaches.

① strong a start from the opinion / Bullish comment.

Very strong opinions/thoughts can be of interest to the reader.

By giving opinions from a perspective that readers have never thought of before, or by giving strong opinions, eh? Do you have such an idea? May be interested. It feels like it's spraying a little.

This time is also a sample quote from my textbook.

There are no creatures on earth less practical than humans. And nothing shows our frivolity better than fashion.

From women's hoop skirts to men's high hats, fashion victims through the ages have endured the ridiculous, the uncomfortable, and the absolutely dangerous in their desire to be fashionable.

Even our feet, which are normally planted firmly on the ground, have suffered the pains of keeping up with the latest craze & write my essay.

Source: Weaving It together 4, Connecting Reading and Writing, the third edition

He strongly expresses this irrational and impracticality of fashion.

② Ask the reader a question.

This seems to be quite possible even in Japanese.

I think asking a question is one good way to get into the main subject afterward.

Also, the answers to this question can be answered in the order in the essay.

It's okay to write the answer in the Thesis statement.

This is a quote sample.

Cleanliness is considered a virtue, but just what does it mean to be clean?

As most of us have had the unpleasant occasion to discover, one person's definition can be quite different from another's.

From Istanbul to Indianapolis, people have their own ways of keeping clean and their own reasons for doing so.

Source: Weaving It together 4, Connecting Reading and Writing, the third edition

What is cleanliness? And throws the meaning of being clean. It sounds interesting that some people have their own ways to maintain cleanliness and their own reasons.

"From Istanbul to Indianapolis," here is an expression that is like a wide range of people all over the world (Worldwide).

③ Start with a quote 

Haven't you seen this either? This is a technique that can be used.

From common sayings, celebrity quotes, song lyrics, etc.

The introduction seems to come alive with quotations. (The demon teacher at that time said that using quotations would be lively, but I still don't understand well ...) & write essay for me

Of course, you have to quote the content that is directly related to your essay, right? Even if you put in your favorite lyrics that have nothing to do with the essay, it will be "What?".

This is a quote sample.

“Let me have men about me that are fat,” says Shakespeare's Julius Caesar to Marcus Antonius.

In Julius Caesar's opinion, fat people are more trustworthy than thin ones-that is, those with a “lean and hungry look,” who “are dangerous.”

Source: Weaving It together 4, Connecting Reading and Writing, the third edition

Certainly, by using quotations, you can't help but feel alive.

People who are fat are said to be more credible, but people who are thin can also be credible! Lol. It's an interesting way to attract people. I want to read more.

As an aside, Shakespeare doesn't make much sense if you read it normally (isn't it the same as above?).

I asked my American wife, but Shakespeare's writing is super poem-like, so it seems difficult for Americans.

For example, using other words that have nothing to do with it. I write a woman as Flower ... (this is my analogy).

Well, does it feel like Japanese people can't understand the ancient texts immediately after reading them?

The story is off, so I will continue.

④ Start with a little story or anecdote 

I think this is also an interesting and effective way to get interested.

Anecdotes and secret stories about real people and incidents, fact-based strange stories, etc. Interesting secret stories that are likely to be realized in the near future. Are you a little interested?

You can make abstract images more realistic for your readers.

When writing anecdotes, write something related to these statements in the essay. You can't write anything that is completely unrelated.

Basically, I will write the facts in the story.

This is a quote sample.

Imagine walking on the surface of Mars. You follow the channels where water is believed to have once flowed, hike across the flat plains covered with rocks of all sizes, and jump the basin called Hellas, measuring more than 930 miles across.

After you explore the polar caps, you climb the huge volcano Olympus Mons, which is twice as high as Earth's highest peak.

Seem impossible? It may be in the real world, but not in virtual reality & write my essay for me.

This is a fantasy story (which is actually happening) that attracts readers. I'm curious about the continuation.


How was it? Use these techniques to get started with your essay.

This article is still going on ... If you are tired, take a break and continue reading.