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Development commences in the 2nd smart city of Pakistan

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Pakistan is a country that thoroughly enjoys diversity in terms of weather, culture, language, cuisine and much more. Each city in this country holds a great value of its own based on its uniqueness and distinctiveness. As far as the residential sectors are concerned, Pakistan has a great variety of housing projects and relevant units. From high end societies to residential projects that are affordable, this country caters all social classes.


Development is an integral part of any field that aims to flourish and prosper in the years to come. In real estate, development of any society includes construction and other related aspects. The faster this process takes place, the quicker a housing project reaches heights of success.

Smart City Concept

A smart city is different from any ordinary regular society. Smart cities are built on a very innovative concept with respect to the amenities and facilities being provided. While regular housing projects offer basic features, a smart city provides smart features that help in leading an efficient life.

The main purpose of creating a smart city is to save time that often gets wasted in mundane routine tasks. The pace required to live a busy life of 21st century, requires ease in getting done with daily life work.


Lahore is one of the most popular and highly visited cities of Pakistan. This city has a vintage vibe that no other city can compare to. The food, historical buildings and heritage of Lahore is one of a kind. People travel hours and hours just so that they can get to eat some of the highly raved about dishes of Lahore city.


Lahore Smart City

Being the second smart city of Pakistan, Lahore Smart City serves as one of the best smart cities in the entire world. The foundation of this society was laid 2 years ago but the fast paced development has taken everyone by a huge surprise. LSC is effectively working on its infrastructure, commercial area, residential area and sources of amusement as well. Some areas where constant development is being carried out are:

1.     Commercial area

2.     Residential area

3.     Educational Institutes

4.     Healthcare units

5.     Sources of Amusement

Capital Smart City

Commercial Area:

The commercial area will include all the plazas and malls with sumptuous offices, shops, parlors, spa and gyms. Along with that, flats and apartment in the third and fourth floor of most malls will be available.

Residential Area:

Residential units will include modern houses of various sizes built on Victorian, Georgian and Contemporary style.   

Educational Institute:

Educational institutes like schools, colleges, universities and tuition academies have been included within this state of the art housing project to provide quality education for residents and outsiders living in the premises of the society.

Healthcare Units:

Health is the most important part of life. To have a sound body and mind is a blessing on its own. For any health related issue, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and dispensaries have been allocated at various locations in Lahore Smart City.


For amusement purpose, parks, libraries, food joints, cinemas and malls will be allocated at various locations within the society.

Machinery and Equipment:

For continuous and quick development hardworking labor and management team has been hired by the owners to perform concerned duties righteously. The right kind of machinery and equipment is being used in construction and development of the society.

Some of the most expensive and efficient machinery and equipment for road construction and making high rise buildings in LSC are:

1.     Wheel Loader

2.     Motor Grader

3.     Paver Screed

4.     Steel Wheel Roller

5.     Pneumatic Tire Roller

6.     Bulldozer

Lahore Smart City Payment Plan:

Even though Lahore Smart City is listed among the most beautifully built and modern societies, it is still very cost effective. The payment plan has been kept very simple and easier to get done with. The society has two payments plan based on different time periods and number of installments to be paid. One plan is of 3 years and the other one requires 3.5 years to complete.

The 3 year payment plan initiates with 10 percent booking, along with 10 percent confirmation price followed by 12 quarterly installments.

The 3.5 year payment plan initiates with 10 percent booking, along with 10 percent confirmation price followed by 14 quarterly installments.

All in all, Lahore Smart City is a golden opportunity that no wise investor would want to miss. Regency Marketing is a real estate marketing company that is currently working as the authorized sales partner of Lahore Smart City. The upright team of Regency vouches for the credibility of this society, which will turn out to be highly profitable in the coming years!