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Being a real estate agent is preparing for the worst

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A real estate agent should keep in mind at all times what could go wrong, this can help you be prepared for the worst, and make sure that everything goes well

Surely no one ever told you before you became a real estate agent or real estate consultant, or when starting a business, that things would go wrong. Maybe you had some fear of failure at the beginning, but not an understanding of all the things that can and will go wrong.

Friends, family and clients don't always understand this question: What could go wrong? The answer is something that a real estate agent should know at all times, to make better decisions. Once you see the world through the glass of that question, you realize that the answer is not always the same and can be unpredictable.

Prepare for what can go wrong so that things turn out right

With each property and each client, always ask yourself what the risks are, what is missing? What could go wrong? Working with buyers is always risky. Will they make an offer when they find the right house? Will that offer be accepted? Will the appraisal support that price? Things can go wrong.

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Once they buy the house, are they going to blame you forever for ruining their lives? Or will they adore you and recommend you to their friends and families? Both can happen. You should always ask yourself what could go wrong because surely you want everything to go perfectly. You don't want to work with buyers who make you visit 50 houses, and in the end decide they don't want to buy, although at the same time getting out of bed every day involves that risk.

Understand how things can go wrong

Taking risks every day is part of working. In theory, the rewards are from those willing to take risks for them. But it is perfectly understandable why there are so many people with 9 to 5 jobs, with health insurance, and why they are willing to give their time and freedom for both, and why they get excited about the weekends and complain about their bosses. .

Real estate advisers sometimes misinform. Some tell incredible stories about their clients, only to admit that they did it because they had to "protect their clients." Protecting your customers seems to be a common cause for being unethical.

Sometimes clients are completely insane or unable to own a home, or have a proper professional relationship with a professional real estate agent. That part of working with our clients is rarely discussed, but it happens, and it's our job to avoid these people at any cost. No commission is worth the stress and litigation that can be required. These kinds of customers only go through problems in every step and aspect of buying and selling a home, from credit to moving.

Accept and learn when things go wrong

If you are new to buying and selling real estate, you need to know that things will go wrong, and it is probably not personal, nor is it your fault. It is important that you be open and communicative with anyone involved who may be affected, that you are honest and good at listening.

Having a bad day, or being threatened with legal action from time to time is not a reason to stop being a real estate agent. Wanting to quit is normal, but it's not the same as actually quitting work. Do not leave it, develop a plan and manage a successful solution to the problem.

Yes, we all go through days where we want to stop being a realtor, but you can't give a crazy client, incompetent lender, or other realtor, that power over you.

When stress gets too high, it's okay to step back for a moment. Take a few hours off to do things other than work. Although it is probably not possible to live a completely stress-free life, and who knows if it is something desirable.

Over the years, you will develop resistance and what bothered you in the beginning, you will not even notice anymore. You will become so good at letting go of things that you will have forgotten a lot about what went wrong in the first place.

Learn to plan for the future, but don't spend too much time thinking about things that might happen - especially if you don't have any control over them. Things are going to go wrong, no matter how much you plan.