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Ideas and outfits… Over the years.

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Do you remember the 1970s? We are willing to bet so. In the 1970s, the colors were "strong", the hair was long, and the lapels were massive. Then came the 1980s and the style got sharper. The outfits were made up of straight, angular lines and the hair was worn shorter. Styles change, don't they?

Fashion is changing ... including in the business world

In restaurants, hotels, and businesses in general, fashions are changing. Believe it or not, there was a time when McDonald's was the trendy, hip restaurant. Now, fast food restaurants have become casual establishments. Milkshakes and other chicken nuggets have shaken the restaurant industry. This development also had an impact on the outfits of the employees. The changing styles in the world of ready-to-wear as in restaurants, hotels, etc.

Yesterday again...

If you are the boss of a hotel establishment, an event agency, or the lucky person responsible for coming up with outfit ideas for employee uniforms, you must look to the past as well as to the future. You must have the outfits of the 1970s in mind and imagine those of tomorrow. What are the trends for this winter 2019? Which will be those of the year 2020? If your business is consumer-oriented - like a casino, restaurant, or even a car dealership - you need to think, think, and plan for the future. Your customers want to discover the next trend and want your restaurant, your hotel, your receptionists… to give them the impression of adapting to this new style.

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Harmony of colors

Pay a little attention to the colors. Remember, a few years back, clothing was made up of contrasting colors (the color block). A few more years ago, the clothes were all natural colors. Even the cars were green, brown… Today, the colors are more daring. If you pay attention to the cuts of pants, skirts, or dresses, you will see identical changes.

The wardrobe code and the image of your company

Your employees cannot have the same look indefinitely and their uniforms must be updated in order to satisfy your customers. The outfits of your company must not only follow the current trend but also anticipate that of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Don't hesitate to dare to create the trends yourself. Your company is unique and the outfits of your staff must symbolize this singularity. Wardrobe for those who work at home *

* Freelancers, students, self-entrepreneurs ...   Basic strategy: 

Invest in comfortable clothes that will make you feel comfortable and ready to work.

 Understand that even your professional wardrobe deserves your attention

Yes, you can pretty much wear anything you want. Of course, you can talk on the phone with your customers in your pajamas. It's your right. However, just because nobody sees you doesn't mean your professional dressing room doesn't have to be important. If you take the 3 fundamental criteria that a professional wardrobe must meet, two of these criteria apply to your situation: 

You want your clothes to give you confidence and help you feel professional.

You want these clothes to be comfortable and functional.

On the other hand, you also expect your clothes to be in the right frame of mind for work. Getting to work is always easier when doing what most people do when they go to the office: Getting up at a certain time, taking a shower, getting ready, getting dressed, and sitting in front of a desk. Which is intended only for his professional activity. These rituals are important to be effective. And, if you are working from home, you have to create these rituals yourself. And, believe us, your clothes are a crucial part of these rites that you have to perform. 

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Invest in comfortable clothes

Even if you may prefer your comfort, make sure you have nice T-shirts, long cardigans, fitted pants, loose shirts, etc. Putting on a little makeup and some jewelry in the morning will also allow you to deal with unforeseen events such as a last-minute race, a skype call, an appointment scheduled during the day... 

Have some professional outfits handy

Even if you work from home, you will probably have to leave home every now and then for client meetings and business events. So make sure you have a few dressier outfits in your closet for these occasions. Go through your calendar to get an idea of ​​how often you need a professional look. Then, create a small set of pieces that you can combine. For example, pants, a simple blazer, blouses, and a few heels. What do you wear for work? Are you happy with your current work wardrobe? Do you have any clothing advice for people who are starting a new business or taking their first steps in the workforce?