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How to choose where to get a loan

The choice of institution in which you will take a cash loan depends on your needs and capabilities

A bank loan is suitable if:

you need a loan for a large amount;

you need a business loan;

you want to use credit money every day;

you have a good credit history.

A loan in an MFI is suitable if:

you need a loan for a small amount;

money is urgently needed;

you need money before salary;

you have a bad credit history;

you do not have guarantors;

You are working informally.

Correct execution of the application indicating contact, personal and passport data, bank card details allows you to quickly receive and timely use borrowed funds. Using the card of a large bank with a developed network of branches, terminals, ATMs, as well as partner financial and trading organizations, it is possible to conveniently and conveniently pay for goods and services, withdraw cash without any problems.