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"Chicken" players return after 364 days

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I welcome all of you to come to this day to talk about "eat chicken". I believe many old players should remember, although the "Peace Elite" public beta is only more than 3 months, but it is used in the internal test. At the time, in fact, the "eat chicken" mobile game has been with us for nearly 2 years.


And then, let's talk about the "big gift" sent by the photon after the return of the old player, the new skin "long gun" and "golden pig gun" in the international service, and the "deformation hanging" in the rumor. Players experience and discovery ~, nonsense is not much to say, or the "old recipes" that all of your friends are familiar with: there are evidences, and you can chat while watching.

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The player returns after 364 days, the photon sends a big gift, and the permanent equipment is 3 choices!


Recently, there have been a lot of international clothes in the "Essence of Elite" SS3 season manual, so that players can confirm that these two games are indeed "in the same vein", so some players try to go to the international service to see what new equipment will be in the future. Appeared in "Peace Elite", the result is the scene in the picture above! When the old player just entered the game, he received a passage from the photon. The effect was that he left 364 days and looked forward to reunite every day. I prepared a big gift for this. So the player clicked on the "opening the gift" and tried it together. Let's see the result together!



As shown in the above picture, the player received a total of 3 permanent equipments in the "Return to Ultimate Gifts", including two sets of clothes and a weapon skin. Tian Ge suddenly remembered a test of "Peace Elite" more than a year ago. No. After returning to the game, I found that there was no such gift package. Instead, there was a “recovery training” in which there were 3 sets of clothes that needed to be redeemed. So if you compare the "return" aspect, the international service is obviously more generous than the "peace elite", hehe!



The "deformation blame" of "Jesus Survival" finally appeared, and the player sent a "real hammer"~


I believe that the old players who are familiar with the "eat chicken" game should remember that there was a "deformation hung" in the end game "Jesus Survival", which allowed the player to hide behind the bunker and extend the "deformed giant arm" to attack. enemy. At first, Tian Ge felt that this plug-in could not appear in the "Peace Elite" game until a fan's contribution made Tian Ge completely believe it. In the above picture, we can see this player in "Peace Elite". With the deformed arm holding the weapon is firing, and the character is still hidden behind the wall, well, this is also an eye-opener, which is obviously more unusual than the previous "giant hanging" ~



Dragon guns and golden pig guns have appeared, and perhaps "Peace Elite" will come!


The above mentioned that the player went to the international service to check the equipment that might appear in the "Elite of Peace" in the future. In fact, the skin or clothes of the international service are far ahead of the "Peace Elite"~ Recently, the game also appeared "Dragon" Gun "AKM, the gun body is a golden dragon, it looks quite cool!



In addition to the cool "dragon gun", the international service also enhanced the UMP45 with a "golden pig gun", a golden pig as a "gun body", looks quite cute, but it makes people feel The value of the city! In fact, this kind of golden skin seems a bit too fancy in Tiange's eyes. On the contrary, I hope that there will be special effects upgraded guns in the "Peace Elite" game. At present, there are nearly ten kinds of international clothes, I believe this kind of skin. Inevitably will cause a lot of old players to like it~


Yes, this issue of "eat chicken" is here with everyone, thank you for reading, let's talk about it in the comment area, I will give you a reply, oh!