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The SAMR Model

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I want to speak to the SAMR Model that Jane introduced to me a while back. This has redefined the way I think about technology in the classroom. For those unfamiliar with it, the SAMR model is a way to evaluate your use of technology within the classroom. It addresses the issue that computers should never be $300 pencils and worksheets. If you are only using computers or other types of digital technology to substitute for a worksheet, you aren't utilizing the digital tools in ways that are authentic or meaningful. 

Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything

This article provides a good explanation of each piece of the SAMR model. I honestly believe that this is an excellent place to start when considering how to integrate digital tools into your classroom curriculum. But I would also caution that there are a couple of aspects of the SAMR model that could cause hang-ups for educators. This article addresses those concerns and how to move past them! The SAMR model is more of a mindset for me, don't get hung up on the specifics. Just make sure that you're teaching intentionally and reflecting on your work with digital tools!