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Components of a quality program

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This week I decided to share an article that taught a lot about serving English language learners.  The different services they may need in order to be successful in our school systems.  Here is a brief summary of Handscombe 1989 article called; “What are Components of a Quality Program?”  The states a program that works must include the following components; an orientation program that acquaints ELLs into the school culture, expectations and requirement.  It should also include a monitoring program; this program will ensure that ELLs are not falling behind in their classes. Another component of the program should be a parental involvement program, students benefit when the whole family is involved in their learning.  A quality program needs to have language program, the language program has to be an additive approach to language, meaning students are encouraged to keep their home language while learning English.  Lastly, a quality program should include an academic upgrading program for ELLs, an academic upgrading ensures ELLs are, academic upgrading is a program that identifying areas ELLs may be exhibiting weaknesses and addressing them in an individual basis.