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Screen Time, Comics, TV, and Children

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flickr photo shared by j_philipp under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC ) license


Cathy Davidson has been writing about the cultural shifts that come with new forms of digital connection and creation (Howard Rheingold mentions her in Chapter 1) , teaching very creative courses, working on building HASTAC: the Humanities, Arts, Science and Techology Alliance and Collaboratory -- a great resource for higher ed.

It was one of those serendipitous moments when, after some conversations about children and parenting last night in class that continued digitally this morning, this new essay from Davidson came across Twitter just now.  

I appreciate that she's stepping back from the good/bad binary, that she's offering some historical perspective, and especially like that she asks us to consider very different questions than "is technology good or bad for kids?".  

(Davidson was at UWB a few years ago, meeting with faculty and she then gave a major lecture down at UWS.  

Does the comparision of comics and screens work?  Why or why not?