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Fear of Screens: An Essay on Sherry Turkle's Work

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We've seen references in a number of our readings to Sherry Turkle's book about the loss of conversation, solitude, reflection as we become more attached to "screens".

This critique of Turkle's observations came across Twitter this morning and I thought that some of you would like to either agree or take issue with parts of this.  For example:

There is another way we can handle our phones, one that doesn’t call for a misguided “mindfulness” that misperceives technology as inherently toxic: Don’t be rude to others, with or without your phone. Be mindful of people rather than screens. Focus less on your relationship to your device and more on your relationship to human beings. This includes not feeling entitled to someone’s attention just because they are geographically near, and it especially includes not putting forward your nonuse of a phone as proof of your superiority and others’ subhumanity. Reading Reclaiming Conversation,I often felt that if Turkle were more mindful of others, she wouldn’t be so quick to see them as broken.


Lots to think about here.  Anyone want to Tweet ?  Blog ?  Create Plays on the themes here?